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Genes'Ink, a Manufacturer of Inkjet Printing Solutions Partner with Kelenn Technology

Published on 2015-01-12. Author : SpecialChem

Genes'Ink specializes in the design and manufacture of nanosolutions announces its partnership with Kelenn Technology for the market of printed electronics. The two partners have the K-Scan PE300, a new solution of inkjet printing based on highly conductricespour silver nanoparticles prints at very high speeds of several meters per minute. The printed patterns (RFID antenna, electronic circuitry ..) can achieve a fine track width of 30 microns with a 5 .mu.m accuracy.

Kelenn Technology is a French manufacturer of inkjet printing solutions and automatic vision inspection for industrial production centers. This partnership was born PE K-Scan 300 includes a high-performance industrial equipment for printing on all substrates, including sound annealing and drying in a confined environment (vacuum system and air conditioning / passivation ability of the speaker) and inks conductive and semiconductive patented and adapted to print speeds on an industrial scale of several meters per minute (against a few cm / h at present on the market).

Genes'Ink, with its market positioning of printed electronics, addresses the need for a "turnkey" solution for direct users (accurate printing of highly conductive patterns including the drying step - printing active layers for OLEDs, RFID antennas printing units of printing for the production of capacitor ....).

The combination of a high-speed printer with integrated photonic annealing system significantly reduces production times (one step instead of three usually) and the cost of equipment investment. The printing ink containing nanoparticles also reduces manufacturing costs by reducing the amount of nanomaterials. Eg for printing an RFID antenna, thanks to Genes'Ink inks the amount of money is divided by 50 for better conductivity.

Presented at the SEMICON EUROPA living 2014, the K-Scan 300 PE specializing in highly conductive ink printing has attracted professionals of printed electronics as well as institutional. This partnership already offers an electronic pattern printing system research laboratory and process engineering.

Main Innovative Features of the K-Scan PE 300:

For printing inkjet-based patented silver nanoparticles, this innovative system allows prints with:
• A high speed (several m / min)
• Drop On Demand
• A high resolution
• Tools Operator control and preparation software
• A few minutes setting time
• A photonic annealing
• Optimum Security

This equipment reaches high speeds and a fineness of track width of 30 microns for a 5 .mu.m accuracy. The roll to roll solution is also available.

About Kelenn Technology

Kelenn Technology is a manufacturer of printing solutions for inkjet, automatic vision inspection, supervision software and shipping for industrial production centers.

Today's systems print, count, identify, measure, correct, trace the products on the fastest production lines in factories.

Software suites offered by Kelenn Technology piloting feel, control and individually trace the entire production automate production times as well as real-time monitoring and automatically ship the products to reduce costs and delays.

Source: Genes'Ink

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