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FT Pipeline Systems Suggests Using 3 Layer Polyethylene Pipe Coatings for Effective Protection

Published on 2012-01-10. Author : SpecialChem

EAST MIDLANDS, UK -- Construction companies looking to develop pipe networks in contaminated terrain should always use three layer polyethylene pipe coatings to ensure the networks performs to its greatest potential, according to FT Pipeline Systems, one of the UK's leading pipe suppliers.

External extruded polyethylene coating can be used to protect pipes within a network from corrosion, caused by either contaminated or aggressive ground conditions. Pipelines installed underground are commonly exposed to substantial pressures when in use and as such effective protection against external corrosion is an essential pre-requisite to their efficient operation.

Duncan Frazer, CEO of FT Pipeline Systems, said: "FT Pipeline Systems' pipe coatings, made of either polyethylene or polypropylene, make use of a three layer system we call SCS-III. The first layer is a bonded epoxy base, the second a fusion bonded adhesive primer and the final layer a heat bonded seamless layer of either polyethylene or polypropylene.

"This form of pipe coating is effective in protecting against pipeline corrosion due to the extent of the bond between the three layers. The result is that subterranean pipe networks coated in this way last much longer and perform to a consistently higher standard than those that are not."

About FT Pipeline Systems

FT Pipeline Systems is a leading supplier of high quality water pipes and pipe fittings for the UK water and construction markets. The company is also the sole UK licensee for Canusa heat-shrink joint protection sleeves, again designed using polyethylene for the best possible protection of pipe joints in aggressive or contaminated locations. Canusa sleeves are also very easy to install, since no specialist labour or equipment for wrapping the pipe joints is needed.

Source: FT Pipeline Systems

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