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Flint-Schmidt/XSYS Print Solutions Raises Prices on Packaging Inks

Published on 2005-11-21. Author : SpecialChem

Flint-Schmidt/XSYS Print Solutions has announced price increases for Packaging printing inks across Europe by a range of 5 to 8 percent for water based inks and 7 to 12 percent for solvent based inks. These increases will be effective from January 1, 2006, or as contract term allows.

The ink industry has come under severe pressure from the dramatically rising costs of energy and raw materials. The price of some critical raw materials have doubled over the past few years and we are also experiencing shortages in key areas. We are faced with high prices especially for solvents, e.g. Ethyl Acetate, MEK, Ethanol and Ethoxypropanol, as well as Titanium dioxide. Therefore, our price increase is driven by the need to remain competitive and meet customer needs over the long term.

"The high prices of crude oil and natural gas are the key drivers for price increases in ethylene and propylene which are the main basis for the raw materials in our products", says Doug Aldred, Vice President & General Manager, Packaging Inks Division. "We have so far tried to absorb these increases through intensive cost management and significant improvements in operating efficiencies. However the extent of the increases in key raw materials over the past few months has intensified, and we now find ourselves in an unsustainable position where we must pass price increases on to our customers. We have taken this difficult, but necessary step to ensure that we remain a viable and sustainable supplier to the industry."

Source: Flint-Schmidt/XSYS Print Solutions

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