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Flint Group Introduces nyloprint® WS-S Digital Plates for Letterpress Printing Application

Published on 2012-12-26. Author : SpecialChem

With the nyloprint® portfolio, Flint Group Flexographic Products offers a broad range of high-end products for all kinds of letterpress applications. nyloprint® WS-S Digital plates represent the latest development of the digital steel based product range with focus on coating and special applications, such as the use of fluorescent inks in security printing.

This new water washable plate type provides an improved solid ink density due to brilliant ink transfer of the soft relief layer. Another benefit is the high durability for long print runs. The plate is suitable for rotary letterpress, as well as imprinting units and printing presses for special applications.

Digital nyloprint® printing plates can be imaged with resolutions of up to 10,160 dpi. Particular advantages are observed in the reproduction of finest details without any loss of film-related quality limitations, such as dust, scratches, nicks, etc. Better reproducibility of repeat jobs with improved dimensional stability help to further enhance print quality. As a result of the elimination of film and chemicals for film processing, handling becomes much easier, and the plate processing becomes more efficient. The handling of digital data enables a secure and rapid data exchange worldwide, as well as an optimized data archive. Another important effect is the environmentally friendly process without any films and chemicals.

About Flint Group

Flint Group is dedicated to serving the global Printing and Packaging industry. The Company develops, manufactures and markets an extensive array of conventional and energy curable inks and coatings; pressroom chemicals; highly engineered printing blankets and sleeves for offset printing as well as pigments and additives for use in inks and other colorant applications. With a strong customer focus, unmatched service and support, together with superior products, Flint Group strives to provide exceptional value, consistent quality and continuous innovation to customers around the world.

Source: Flint Group

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