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Flame Seal Products Approved as a Qualified Supplier for Boeing Commercial Airplanes and Its Customers

Published on 2005-06-14. Author : SpecialChem

HOUSTON -- Flame Seal Products was informed by Boeing on May 26, 2005 that Boeing Commercial Airplanes had completed it's qualification process, and has approved Flame Seal as a Qualified Supplier.

Flame Seal's products may be purchased for use on any Boeing commercial airplane to enhance fire resistance performance. Specifically, Flame Seal's FX-100, T-50 and ADH-1 have been specified for use in a Boeing Material Specification. Boeing is writing a process specification (application methods) for these products which will be available to Boeing's customers and suppliers.

BACKGROUND: During the past 10 years, Flame Seal has developed and refined a highly advanced intumescent coating product called FX-100. In recent months Flame Seal has assisted Boeing with development and testing of combined technologies, using Flame Seal's coatings on specified Boeing aircraft interior materials. These efforts have recently proven successful by passing numerous required tests for flame and heat resistance, smoke reduction, flexibility, durability, water resistance, and various environmental issues. These favorable results have fueled Boeing's interest in using Flame Seal's FX-100 product as a spray-on coating to mitigate the potential effects of aging and contamination upon these materials.

In Boeing's tests Flame Seal's coatings have proven so efficient and effective that they are able to maximize fire resistance performance, with minimal affect on weight and cost for each aircraft, providing feasible enhancement capabilities for current and future aircraft.

FLAME SEAL PRODUCTS, INC. (FLMP) became a public company and began trading March 27, 2000 on the OTC (Non-BB "Pink Sheets") stock market. Flame Seal Products, Inc. is the Transfer Agent of record. Plans include completion of the Audits and S.E.C. filings as required to elevate the stock off the Pink Sheets, to the OTC Bulletin Board, and then to the AMEX thereafter.

The "key" business strategy of Flame Seal is to create alliances with larger corporations, which quickly enhances the strength of the Company in each market by employing the networks for marketing, sales, applications, etc. that already exist within the structure of such Corporations.

Source: Flame Seal Products Inc. (FLMP)

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