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Ferro Closes Purchase of Endeka

Published on 2017-11-03. Author : SpecialChem

Ferro has announced the closing of the previously communicated acquisition of Endeka Group, one of the global producers of high-value coatings and key raw materials for the ceramic tile market.

High-value Coatings Manufacturer

ENDEKA Acquisition
Ferro has completed the acquisition of Endeka Group. Ferro continues
to expand its position in the global ceramic tile coatings market.

Endeka produces frits and glazes, digital inks and colors used in the manufacture of a broad range of ceramic products, including tile, tableware and sanitaryware
This transaction backward integrates Ferro into certain key raw materials used in the manufacture of ceramic coating materials

Julio Garcia, VP Europe, says:

Ferro has been moving its tile-oriented portfolio up the value chain over the past few years, focusing on the high end of the market. We also have focused on achieving operating efficiencies and product innovation to ensure that our customers receive the highest quality products and services.”

With the Endeka Group acquisition, Ferro has strengthened its value creating strategy through growth and dynamic innovation by enlarging our customer base in existing markets while providing a complementary product portfolio and establishing a solid base for growth.

According to Luca Pecorara, Europe Operations Director:

With this acquisition we will increase the value for our customers, providing high-end products and improved service by leveraging the best practices of each company. Endeka’s state of the art facilities will provide the required capacity to accomplish our growth plans.”

Luca Pecorara and Jose Cabedo (Endeka COO) will lead the integration of with the objective of combining the demonstrated technical and commercial experience of both teams to provide more value to our customers. 

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Source: Ferro
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