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Expansion of the Color Competence Center in Filago:Color matching and granule samples in small quantities

Published on 2006-10-18. Author : SpecialChem

Leverkusen / Filago -- Following large-scale expansion, the Color Competence Center (CCC) of Bayer MaterialScience AG in Filago, Italy, has significantly extended its range of services for pigmenting thermoplastics. Pigmented granule samples and color matching samples can now also be produced in small quantities for customers. To do this, various state-of-the-art laboratory extruders were installed, among other things. The CCC also set up a laboratory for the Aura® dip-dye pigmenting technique patented by Bayer MaterialScience. "Development and expansion of technical equipment are part of our strategy to operate proactively on the market. We react promptly to the latest pigmentation trends to help designers, product developers, and processors achieve success fast with a wide-ranging service provision," explains Gianmaria Malvestiti, head of the CCC in Filago. The service from CCC covers all of the thermoplastics manufactured by Bayer MaterialScience and is based on the Fantasia® color program developed by the company. As well as Aura® and Leda®, this features three other pigmenting techniques, which all open up well over a hundred different visual and tactile effects.

The Aura® dip-dye pigmenting method enables plastic components to be pigmented after production by briefly immersing them in a heated dye solution. In contrast to a surface coating process, the pigment penetrates deep into the plastic, which means scratches and other wear and tear are not immediately noticeable. "The dye solution can be changed quickly and at low cost during production. This method is excellently suited for designing small series with highly individual colors," says Ciro Piermatteo, Color Technology Manager in Business Development at Bayer MaterialScience. The new Aura® laboratory can be used by customers for their own pigmenting tests, with CCC experts on hand to offer advice and support.

Leda® technology enables injection moldings produced in large volumes to be given a host of colors and special effects such as metallic look, fluorescence, phosphorescence, and edge lighting. "Leda® users often tend to be consumers looking for small quantities of our thermoplastics. The new laboratory extruder means we can now also provide these customers with color samples," explains Piermatteo.

CCC color specialists do not just help with developing new colors and effects for Fantasia®. They also develop new pigmenting technologies with customers. Comprehensive technical equipment is available in each case, including a color measuring laboratory equipped, among other things, with various spectrophotometers and a light chamber. The CCC has also built up a "color archive" of well over 1,000 color samples that is a key aid and reference in color matching and comparing colors and surface effects. "A major element of our proactive approach on the market is communication with our customers. With this in mind, we have set up a conference room that we use for training courses, seminars, and technical discussions with our customers," says Malvestiti.

With sales of EUR 10.7 billion in 2005, Bayer MaterialScience AG is one of the world's largest polymer manufacturers. Its main fields of activity are the production of high-tech polymer materials and the development of innovative solutions for products used in many areas of everyday life. The main consumer sectors are the automotive, electrical/electronics, construction, sports and leisure industries. Bayer MaterialScience has production facilities at 40 sites around the world and a workforce of approx. 18,800. Bayer MaterialScience is part of the Bayer Group.

Source: Bayer MaterialScience

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