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Epcon Announces its Entry into the Coil Coatings Market; Aims to Minimize Environmental Hazards

Published on 2011-10-19. Author : SpecialChem

Epcon Industrial Systems, among the industry leaders with over three decades of excellence already charted, announced their entry into the coil coating market as they seek to continue realizing their unique company vision.

With a history of environmentally conscious industrial production, Epcon has a proven track record in line with their stated company goal: designing, producing, and installing cost-effective, environmentally sound business solutions. For too long, industry has been erroneously told that it must choose between the lesser of two evils: excessive costs or environmental damage.

Epcon seeks to bridge that gap by providing systems, products, and materials that minimize environmental damage, while considering the financial constraints of modern industry. Their coil-coated technologies meet all industrial and environmental standards, and are fully customizable to meet the needs of any industrial process.

Why waste your factory's time, money, and labor by operating inefficient, environmentally hazardous paint booths? Minimize your company's time in the booth by utilizing Epcon's coil coating systems in your existing processes and products. In doing so, you'll actually find that you're creating a superior final product. Metal that has been coated with polyurethane primer is nearly interchangeable in terms of final use and final color. It lasts longer, shines brighter, and requires less maintenance than other materials.

Since 1976, Epcon has grown from a one-man show to a corporation capable of design, production, and installation of your coil-coating technology-with both environmental safety and financial constraints in mind.

The benefits are simple, intuitive, and obvious. Coil Coating benefits business finance in its universality and adaptability. The process benefits business/community relations by minimizing the need for environmentally hazardous paint booths. And business and consumers alike are benefited by the lower costs associated with coil coated materials.

About Epcon

Epcon was founded in 1976 in The Woodlands Texas. In the past quarter century it has grown from a one man-operation to a large corporation, complete with an on-site manufacturing facility. With over 3,000 completed systems world wide, Epcon has consistently been among the global leaders in developing new and innovative air pollution control technology and industrial heating equipment. Epcon specializes in custom designing and manufacturing pre-engineered and pre-tested Air Pollution Control Systems.

Source: Epcon

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