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Empils takes part in the All-Russian action St. George Ribbon

Published on 2010-04-29. Author : SpecialChem

On the eve of the 65 th anniversary of Victory in Great Patriotic War, the company's employees "Empils" can get a ribbon at the entrance of production facilities in the city of Rostov-on-Don.

St. George Ribbon "- a public event devoted to the Day of Victory in Great Patriotic War, held annually since 2005. In 2008, the campaign has become international in nature and conducted more than 30 countries worldwide. Ribbon - an expression of respect for veterans, a tribute to the fallen on the battlefield, thanks to the people who sacrificed everything for the front, all those thanks to whom was defeated in 1945.

Ribbons, released during the action - a replica of the traditional bicolor (St. George's Ribbon), but unlike the original it is not a reward or heraldic symbol. Under the terms of the action ribbons are distributed free of charge, with the exception of their use for political purposes by any parties or movements.

Historic St. George ribbon - two-color ribbon to the Russian Order of St. George, St. George's cross, St. George Medal. Tape with minor modifications came in the Soviet premium system called "Guards tape" as a special mark of distinction. In the Soviet Union Guards tape used to make the pads of the Order of Glory and the medals "For Victory over Germany". In addition, the image Guards tapes housed on the banners of the Guard military units and ships. Color Ribbon - black and orange - means "smoke and flames and are a sign of personal virtue soldier on the battlefield.

Source: Empils

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