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Empils has refreshed brand and assortment portfolio

Published on 2007-03-26. Author : SpecialChem

By the season of 2007 Empils improved its market offer. Changes are related to brand and assortment portfolios of the company.

EMPILS trade mark was added to well-known AvantGarde, Oreol, Empils and Rastsvet. It will be a totally new series of coatings for decorative and special-purpose painting of a wide range of surfaces. At the beginning the production line of EMPILS includes 21 types of organic-solvent and water-dispersion coatings. A key difference of EMPILS assortment line from other company's trade marks is that it offers a wide range of special products: painting on rust and antirust painting, with a hammer pattern, roof enamels, quick-drying base coats, thermoresistant paint for radiators, moisture-resistant paint for bathrooms and kitchens, heavy duty floor paint, etc.

Three new products are introduced in the assortment of Oreol trade mark: window and door enamels, universal atmosphere resistant varnish for external work, water-dispersion paint for children’s rooms; the offer of colors of wood-protection compositions and rust enamels was expanded.

AvantGarde trade mark will continue developing the idea of special environmentally friendly products for DIY repair at home. AvantGarde 100% DIY range offers five product innovations. Anti-bacterial super-resistant paint for children's rooms should be particularly noted.

Rastsvet is the most colorful brand of Empils. By the new season the range will include ten new colors. Now the palette of Rastsvet includes 46 saturated colors and 5 tints of white. Four new products are introduced into Rastsvet range - specialized enamels for different types of surfaces and wood-protection composition.

Source: Empils

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