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Empils has Opened its Trade office in Central Asia

Published on 2005-05-23. Author : SpecialChem

Empils concern, the largest manufacturer of paint and varnish and zinc white in the former Soviet countries, has opened its trade office in the eastern region, in Almaty (Kazakhstan). The Central Asia trade office opening became a logical step in continuation of Empils' policy in the field of product promotion to the markets of CIS countries.

The strategic tasks which face the office are the build-up of the concern's presence in the countries of Eastern CIS, market control increase, distribution system improvement and finally considerable increase of sales volume.

The sphere of interests of Eastern representation office includes Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Kirghizia, Tadjikistan and Turkmenia. The markets of the states of this region are promising for the concern: in 2004 23 % of all paint and varnish manufactured by Empils were sold there, and that has amounted to more than 20 thousand tons of goods. Empils plans a 10-15 % increase of the sales volume in the region in 2005. The concern already has positive experience of territorial expansion - opening of the trade office and then organization of production in Ukraine. And though Empils can not ignore the political events in Kirghizia and Uzbekistan, it is optimistic in respect of its business development in the countries of Eastern CIS. The choice of location for its trade office is nonrandom. As the first Deputy of the General Director of Empils concern Sergey Nikitin mentioned, "Kazakhstan is the state, where GDP and standard of living growth is observed, the political situation in the country is stable, and the authorities are loyal in relation to business development, including Russian business".

Empils concern is the largest manufacturer of paint and varnish for the consumer market and zinc white for industrial purposes in Russia and in the former Soviet countries. The concern owns three production sites: ZAO Empils(Rostov-on-Don, Russia, paint and varnish, and zinc white production) and ??? Elaks (Ukraine, Odessa, paint and varnish factory). The plants of concern produce alkyd enamels, water dispersion paints, varnishes and supplementary materials under three trade marks: Oreol (sub-premium segment ), Empils (middle segment) and Rastsvet (economy segment).

In 2004 Empils manufactured 80 000 tons of paint and varnish and 14 400 tons of zinc white (in 2003 - 70 000 tons and 14 000 tons accordingly). In 2005 Empils is going to produce up to 95 000 tons of paint and varnish, and up to 15 500 tons of zinc white.

Empils concern is a part of Novoe Sodruzhestvo Holding, which also owns a series of agricultural plants, among which there is Rostselmash combine harvester plant.

Source: Empils

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