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Emery Oleochemicals Establishes New Eco-friendly Polyols Business Unit

Published on 2013-09-25. Author : SpecialChem

Emery Oleochemicals, the world's leading natural-based chemicals producer recently announced the establishment of a new business unit -- Eco-Friendly Polyols (EP) in recognition of the opportunities in the global polyol industry.

The EP business offers innovative, sustainable polyol solutions for use in the manufacturing of flexible and rigid polyurethane foam commonly found in transportation, construction, packaging, furniture and bedding, and many C.A.S.E. (coatings, adhesives, sealants and elastomers) applications. Its high-performance solutions include the widely recognized EMEROX® Renewable Polyols and InfiGreen® Recycle Polyols.

The EMEROX® Renewable Polyols are made from renewable resources and deliver on both performance and cost, while the InfiGreen® Recycle Polyols are made from recycled polyurethane scrap foam and can function as a direct replacement for petroleum based polyols. InfiGreen® Recycle Polyols also provide enhanced value and improved sustainability through the recycling of scrap foam. The award-winning InfiGreen Technology was recently acquired by Emery Oleochemicals and fits in well with the firm's growth and sustainability goals.

"Understanding the high growth potential this segment offers, the timely launch of our Eco-Friendly Polyols business will enable us better respond to the growing demand and increasing push for environmentally-friendly polyol products. We are actively investing in upgrading and expanding our Cincinnati production facilities, while enhancing our research & development capabilities. The acquisition of the InfiGreen® polyol technology further reinforces our commitment to being a one-stop chemical solutions provider for our customers,"commented Group CEO of Emery Oleochemicals, Dr. Kongkrapan Intarajang.

The business expansion into Eco-Friendly Polyols is supported by Emery Oleochemicals' $50 million Cincinnati facility expansion announced in October 2012. Combining the firm's proprietary ozonolysis technology and Infigreen Polyol glycolysis technology, enables the seamless integration of the manufacturing of Eco-Friendly Polyols into Emery Oleochemicals' overall business strategy.

Additionally, the acquisition of the InfiGreen® technology will position Emery Oleochemicals as the first specialty chemicals company to offer a unique line of polyols based on both renewable and recycled raw materials.

"Our ability to utilize both recycled and renewable raw materials, addresses manufacturers' key performance, application, and sustainability requirements. Our customized polyol solutions are suitable for a wide range of market applications, which conventional polyols or other bio-based polyols cannot do and is definitely our unique and innovative proposition to our targeted markets," said Emery Oleochemicals' Douglas da silva Rosa, Global Business Director, Eco-Friendly Polyols.

In introducing the EP business and solutions to the marketplace, Emery Oleochemicals' range of EMEROX® Renewable Polyols and InfiGreen® Recycle Polyols products were showcased at the Polyurethanes Technical Conference in Arizona.

About Emery Oleochemicals

Emery Oleochemicals is one of the leading producers of natural-based chemicals made predominantly from natural oils and fats such as palm kernel oil and tallow. They offer an extensive product portfolio, including renewable solutions for the Agro Green, Bio-Lubricants, Eco-Friendly Polyols, Green Polymer Additives, Home & Personal Wellness and OleoBasics markets.

With revenue of US$1billion (2012), the company is headquartered in Malaysia with manufacturing plants spanning three continents - Asia Pacific, North America, and Europe. Emery Oleochemicals' global operations are backed by a diverse workforce and an extensive distribution network covering over 50 countries worldwide.

Source: Emery Oleochemicals

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