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Elite Paint Awarded with Lead Safe Paint® Certification in Bangladesh

Published on 2017-09-11. Author : SpecialChem

Elite Paint has become the first paint company in Bangladesh to achieve Lead Safe Paint® certification. The certification program, established in 2015 by the international non-profit IPEN, was created to let customers know that the paints they are purchasing contains less than a total concentration of 90 parts per million (ppm) lead – the strictest regulatory standard for lead content in paint established by any government anywhere in the world.

Elite Paint Certified by SCS Global Services

Lead free Paint Can
Elite Paint Awarded with Lead Safe
Paint® Certification in Bangladesh

  • Paints from Elite Paint were certified by leading third-party certifier SCS Global Services (SCS), the program’s exclusive certification body in Bangladesh
  • SCS’ independent analysis confirmed that paint brands from the company contained less than a total of 90 ppm lead
  • As a result, Elite Paint is licensed to use the Lead Safe Paint® certification mark on their paint can labels and other promotional materials
  • Using this mark will provide consumers with confidence that these paints will protect their families from the hazard of lead exposure

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), “lead paint is one of the largest sources of exposure to lead in children.” Lead exposure during early childhood years has been linked to an increased likelihood of impaired cognition and executive function, impulsiveness, aggression and delinquent behavior.

Brain damage caused by chronic, low-level exposure to lead is irreversible and untreatable, so reducing lead exposure is an important worldwide health issue.

Environmentally Friendly Paint Products

Elite Paint is proud to achieve the milestone of producing lead-free paint. We are running first towards our target. But, in our country, implementation of any process is slow,” said Mozahar Hossain, Director (Operations) and Head of Management Committee of Elite Paint.

We strive to make our paint products environmentally friendly and our next target is to produce VOC (Volatile Organic Carbon)-free paint.

Phase out of lead paint is essential for our society. We must act with urgency as the health of our children can be permanently and irreversibly damaged even at very low exposure to lead" said Syed Margub Murshed, Former Secretary, Government of Bangladesh and chairperson of ESDO.

"Elite Paint has proved that paints can be produced in a manner that will not pose health and environmental hazards, and that paint companies in Bangladesh are in a position to shift to non-lead raw materials. I believe, the success of Elite Paint in securing Lead Safe Paint® certification will hasten the issuance of the country’s much-awaited lead paint regulation,” he added.

Since 2008, ESDO is working to phase out the use of lead in paint manufacturing. We have done research and public awareness campaigns in this regard.

Amongst all paint manufacturing industries in Bangladesh, we have found Elite Paint as the most enthusiastic in producing lead-free paint. It is the pride of Elite Paint, as well as the whole country, that they have succeeded to produce all of their paints with less than 90 ppm lead content,” said Siddika Sultana, Executive Director of ESDO.

Paints with high levels of lead continue to be sold in many countries in the world. We commend Elite Paint for seeking Lead Safe Paint® certification and voluntarily committing to producing lead safe paint products. We encourage other companies and brand leaders around the world to join Elite Paint and seek certification” said Sara Brosché, IPEN.

Nicole Muñoz, Managing Director for SCS Global services stated, “Elite Paint’s Lead Safe Paint® certification demonstrates the growing global demand for safer paint products. SCS is proud to partner with IPEN and work with leading brands to expand this program and make lead safe paint available for wider consumer use.

Lead Safe Paint® Certification Program

  • Lead Safe Paint® is an independent, third party certification program that verifies paints contain less than 90 parts per million (ppm) total lead (dry weight)—the strictest mandatory regulatory standard for lead content in paint established in e.g., the United States, the Philippines, Nepal, and India
  • A 90-ppm standard is achievable when a manufacturer avoids the use of lead pigments and driers in its products and when reasonable care is given to avoid the use of ingredients that are contaminated or falsely labeled 

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Source: SCS Global Services
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