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Eliokem Announces Price Increases in its Specialty Resins Pliolite®, Plioway®, Pliotec® and Hydro Pliolite®

Published on 2005-02-01. Author : SpecialChem

Villejust, France -- Eliokem announces price increases for the whole range of its specialty resins for all markets effective February 1, 2005. The increases will range from 5% to 20% depending on product composition.

This price action is due to unprecedented increases in raw material costs mainly in acrylates where the supply is currently very tight globally and expected to remain so through 2005. The worldwide boom in demand coupled with a lack of investment in new capacity over the last few years for acrylic acid and acrylates are the main drivers for this exceptional situation.

Eliokem is continuously doing its best to absorb these costs and to limit price increases to customers. However, the magnitude of these hikes compells the company to increase its prices in order to limit profitability erosion and secure sustainability.

The main priority for Eliokem in 2005 is to maintain the supply of quality resins to existing customers.

Source: Eliokem

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