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Electrolube's UV Cure Conformal Coating, UVCL Gets IPC Standard IPC-CC-830

Published on 2013-10-01. Author : SpecialChem

The internationally renowned IPC standard for conformal coatings, IPC-CC-830, has been presented to Electrolube's UV Cure conformal coating, UVCL. The new coating, designed for high volume users in fields such as automotive and consumer electronics, qualified for the industry standard following stringent tests to establish quality conformance requirements for electrical insulating compounds. The electro-chemicals manufacturer, Electrolube, has been at the forefront of conformal coatings development for 70 years and news of a new IPC standard to add to the company's coatings portfolio has delighted the team. The IPC, Association Connecting Electronics Industries®, constructed the IPC-CC-830 industry standard to obtain maximum confidence in materials with minimum test redundancy.

Ron Jakeman, Managing Director of the HK Wentworth Group, comments, "Receiving the IPC standard for UVCL reflects our commitment to developing the highest quality conformal coating products for the electronics and manufacturing industries. It's imperative to us to design coatings with environmental benefits that help our customers eliminate recalls and device failures. We're delighted to have accomplished the de-facto industry standard, particularly as UV Cure is a new generation of VOC-free coating. It's an excellent endorsement of UVCL for customers seeking a UV Cure solution that provides optimum reliability and increased performance of devices."

Applied via selective spray equipment, UVCL provides the highest level of protection for electronic circuitry at exceptionally high speeds of application, curing within seconds upon exposure to UV light. The low-viscosity, single-component conformal coating is the ultimate choice for high throughput production processes, significantly reducing the time taken to complete the conformal coating step.

UVCL is the next generation of VOC-free coating with excellent storage stability and a long shelf life. The low viscosity coating allows the application of relatively thin films without the need for dilution and provides the highest level of flexibility, moisture and chemical resistance at minimal cost. The non-flammable new coating fluoresces under UV light for ease of inspection and offers excellent electrical properties with a wide operating temperature range.

About Electrolube

Electrolube, a division of H.K. Wentworth Limited, is one of the leading manufacturers of specialist chemicals for electronics, automotive and industrial manufacturing. Additionally, Electrolube manufactures and supplies specialist lubricants to the automotive, industrial and domestic switch manufacturing sector. Research and development, quality and environmental concerns are fundamental to the Electrolube philosophy of providing the highest level of customer service. This is achieved both direct to manufacturers and via a worldwide network of subsidiaries and distributors. The continued global expansion of Electrolube and its innovative range of environmentally friendly products prove that the total capability and dedication to customer care combine to create a winning formula.

Source: Electrolube

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