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EFI Combines Jetrion Digital Presses and Inks with FLEXcon Label Substrates for UL-Recognized Durable Label Printing Solutions

Published on 2010-05-06. Author : SpecialChem

Unique compatibility of Jetrion presses and ink systems with FLEXcon UL-recognized substrates will dramatically cut durable label production costs and waste by eliminating the need for overlamination.

EFI™ (Nasdaq: EFII), a world leader in customer-focused digital printing innovation, in a joint effort with Spencer, Massachusetts-based FLEXcon, industry leader in polymeric-coated pressure-sensitive film products, have obtained UL recognition for durable label solutions that combine the use of certain UL-certified FLEXcon substrates with EFI's Jetrion™ UV inkjet presses and ink systems. FLEXcon's UL-recognized COMPUcal® EXCEL™ and THERMLfilm SELECT® films offer superior ink receptivity, and, unlike other digital ink systems, Jetrion inks do not require overlamination to prevent damage from abrasion and UV light, a factor that, by itself, drives up production efficiency and considerably reduces costs.

The initiative, EFI and FLEXcon officials say, is designed to streamline the UL recognition process and lower costs for durable label converters choosing Jetrion 4000 and 4830 digital label presses for short runs, and specifying FLEXcon's COMPUcal® EXCEL™ and THERMLfilm SELECT® films.

A mainstay in today's digital label printing industry, EFI's Jetrion 4000 Series UV inkjet presses have become increasingly popular in the durable labels market due to their durable UV inks, high-quality print capability, smaller footprint and lower price tag – compared to alternative label printing technologies. Likewise, FLEXcon's COMPUcal® EXCEL™ and THERMLfilm SELECT® films are UL-compliant products, durable and ideal for a host of applications, including barcodes, warning, instructional and nameplate labels for durable goods, power tools, appliances, medical equipment and consumer electronics.

John Bennett, vice president of FLEXcon's Product Identification Business Team, said that this initiative is indicative of a move by many converters and other print service providers to become a one-stop shop by offering a comprehensive selection of pressure-sensitive films along with traditional and state-of-the-art digital technologies under one roof.

"Jetrion™ press owners, who are increasing shorter run production of durable labels such as barcodes and product warning and instructional labels, now have the advantage of single-source economies for products carrying a UL recognition that is at a level above and beyond anything else in the industry. Specifically, the presses, inks and substrates jointly carry PGJ12 UL recognition, a classification shared by very few thermal transfer ribbon products," said Bennett.

Dr. Kenneth Stack, Jetrion's senior vice president and general manager, said the initiative streamlines the UL recognition process down to a simple paper transfer, with no additional UL testing required.

"The demand among print service providers and OEMs for UL-recognized products continues to rise," Dr. Stack said. "By working together, FLEXcon and Jetrion have significantly simplified the UL recognition process for converters, as well as provided a package of presses and substrates designed to work in tandem to produce higher-quality, durable graphics in less time, with less waste and on a smaller budget."

Jetrion presses and FLEXcon's COMPUcal® EXCEL™ and THERMLfilm SELECT® films produce vivid, eye-catching graphics and offer the ability to print full-color variable and static information in a single pass, even on pre-diecut rolls, to further increase cost savings.

Source: FLEXcon

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