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ECS'09 NUBIOLA, See the Difference You'll Make

Published on 2009-02-10. Author : SpecialChem

Nubiola Inorganic Pigments, the global leader in Ultramarine Pigments, keeps on innovating to provide high-added value solutions to the Coatings world; Nubiola makes a difference in their customers!

At ECS'09 Nubiola is launching the Nubicem B series, a new generation of Ultramarine Blues specifically developed for cementitious formulations, and Nubirox 302, a Zinc Free Non-Toxic Anticorrosive Pigment.

Besides offering a new color for architecture, other benefits of the Nubicem B series, compared to usual blue pigments used in these applications, are the highest tinting strength of Ultramarine Blue offering the possibility of obtaining the same color intensity using less dosage of pigment. Nubiola has been working very hard in its R&D+I laboratories and in combination with the Instituto de la Construcción Eduardo Torroja (CSIC-Madrid, Spain) in order to offer this new color to this very demanding market.

The new Nubirox 302 is an organophilized Calcium Strontium Phosphosilicate and it is a new product of its Eco-Friendly Anticorrosive Range (Heavy Metal and Zinc Free pigments). This product is an organic surface treated pigment designed to increase anticorrosive efficiency and performance in a variety of paint systems. If you want to know more about this product, do not loose the change to be at Mr. Xavier's Llovensà lecture in the European Coatings CONGRESS. The lecture titled "New Eco-Friendly Corrosion Inhibitor for Universal Use" will take place Monday, March 30 at 15.00 h (Session 6.3: Protective Coatings).

In addition to this, Nubiola is reinforcing its position at the show with the Nubifer 5000 Series, its micronized Iron Oxide range; and with its Nubicoat HWR, with a new generation of silica-encapsulated Ultramarine Blue that makes Nubicoat HWR become a High-Performance Pigment.

25 years of experience, product quality, manufacturing consistency, regional technical service and an ambitious R&D program are the pillars of Nubiola's offer. Day by day more and more Coatings customers rely on Nubiola.

About Nubiola Inorganic Pigments:

Nubiola Inorganic Pigments is a specialized world-wide producer of Inorganic Pigments, with headquarters in Barcelona, Spain. Nubiola is a family-owned company with more than 90 years experience in the marketplace, committed to sustainable growth based on the technical and production capabilities that permits to market innovative and efficient products. That commitment explains its position of leading world supplier of Ultramarine pigments as well as a valid alternative in a wide range of pigments such as Iron Oxides, Zinc Ferrites, Anticorrosive pigments, Green Chrome Oxides and Chromates and Molybdates. Nubiola employs about 600 people, has 5 production plants all over the world and sells to more than 85 countries. Customers are mainly in the plastics, coatings, construction, printing ink, artist's colours, cosmetics, soap, detergents, rubber, ceramic, mosaic and other industries.

Source: Nubiola Inorganic Pigments

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