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Ecology Coatings and Write-On-It! Introduce Write-on-Metals Technology

Published on 2008-06-10. Author : SpecialChem

Ecology Coatings, Inc. a leader in the discovery and development of ultra-violet curable, cleantechnology advanced materials, and Write-On-It! LLC, a pioneer in the write-on-metals technologies, have announced the joint development of product applications designed to facilitate identification of metal products.

Ecology Coatings' proprietary UV curable coatings have excellent adhesion to metal surfaces and the coated area can be written on with pencil, ink or markers. Using a permanent marker creates a long lasting means of identification of metal objects such as keys, wrenches, hand tools, or objects requiring secure identification of components or quality traceability.

Brian Moore, Co-Founder and Co-Inventor of Write-On-It, said, "We have found a number of useful applications for the write-on-metals technologies and are currently in development with key manufacturers. Ecology Coatings' UV coatings are simple to incorporate in most product manufacturing processes. Their products have virtually no emissions and require very low energy usage, contributing to greener manufacturing. In addition, the process is very fast and requires minimal space. All of these factors contribute to a very favorable competitive economic model."

Richard D. Stromback, Ecology's Chairman and CEO commented, "We are pleased to provide the Liquid Nanotechnology™ coatings that enable durable, writeable surfaces on metal products. Our EcoQuik™ UV-curable products have substantial user advantages in a wide variety of applications for metals, paper and plastic, in addition to the unique writability feature identified by Write-On-It.

About Ecology Coatings, Inc.:

Ecology Coatings is a global leader in the development of nano-enabled, ultra-violet curable, cleantechnology coatings that are designed to drive efficiencies and clean processes in manufacturing. The company has created a suite of proprietary industrial coatings with unique performance attributes by leveraging its proprietary platform of integrated nanomaterial technologies. Ecology Coatings collaborates with industry leaders to develop high-value, high performance coatings for applications in the paper, automotive, general industrial, electronic and medical sectors of the economy. Ecology Coatings was founded in March, 1990 and is headquartered in Bloomfield Hills, Michigan. The company maintains an R&D facility in Akron, Ohio.

About Write-On-It, LLC:

Write-on-it! LLC's Patent Pending technologies enable a permanent writable surface to be applied to various types of metal objects including keys, hand tools, manufactured parts, and medical equipment in a fast and eco-friendly manner. WOI licenses their technologies to industry leaders to provide identification solutions for both businesses and consumers. Write-On-It! is located in Seattle, Washington.

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Source: Ecology Coatings Inc.

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