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ECOFLO Holding Launches ECOFLO Recycling, LLC for Reuse and Recycling of Latex Paint

Published on 2015-04-14. Author : SpecialChem

ECOFLO Holding, Inc., one of the East Coast’s leading providers of hazardous waste management services, industrial services, and household hazardous waste collection, has announced the formation of ECOFLO Recycling, LLC to manage its new Latex Paint Recycling Program. ECOFLO will promote the reuse and recycling of latex paint and the distribution of recycled content paint products by diverting useable material to a paint manufacturer for recycling and reintroduction into the market.

ECOFLO will consolidate surplus latex paint collected from household hazardous waste permanent sites and events it operates and reprocess the paint into an intermediate formulation which will be converted to a usable product by a paint manufacturer. The final product will contain from 20 to 80% reclaimed material and be a quality interior or exterior grade recycled paint that is packaged, labeled, and suitable for retail or consumer use. The application and adhesion characteristics shall enable the recycled paint to be applied to surfaces in a manner common to new exterior paints including roller and brush application.

Experts predict that within five years the volume of paint collected in the United States will increase up to tenfold. This huge increase in the collection of old paint will require new processing facilities, new markets, and the development of new products in order to properly handle all of the paint that is collected.

Most of the “green” paints on the market have focused on low or no Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC’s) which is extremely important for both environmental and personal health. However, all of these products are still produced through the harvesting of natural resources and they still contribute to the increasing problem of paint waste reaching levels of 64 million gallons per year. With remanufactured paints, VOC’s are significantly reduced while at the same time greatly diminishing waste and the harvesting of natural resources.

According to Paul McAllister, President and CEO of ECOFLO Holding, “the formation of this entity and the investment in personnel and equipment to produce this material is a natural extension of the company’s interest in providing environmentally sound, sustainable solutions to managing waste.”

ECOFLO is one of the leaders in the Mid-Atlantic and Southeast in operating full-time, permanent collection centers for municipalities and government agencies. ECOFLO is well-known for its highly successful household hazardous waste program since the early 1990s when it began offering free drop-off service for used motor oil to the local Greensboro, NC community. Today there are more restrictive laws that ban indiscriminate waste disposal and people have become more aware of the need to protect the environment. For areas where it doesn’t have a permanent location, ECOFLO manages one-day events for municipalities, as well as events for private companies conducting collections for employees.


ECOFLO was founded in 1982 as one of the Treatment, Storage, and Disposal Facilities (TSDFs) under the Resource Conservation and Recovery Act (RCRA). ECOFLO provides all levels of service to a large portion of the East Coast including pick-up, transportation, on-site disposal and off-site disposal. In addition to their own operation, ECOFLO carefully chooses and approves off-site disposal facilities and is responsible for every operational step from pick-up to the end disposal site. With operations throughout the Eastern Seaboard and some inland states, ECOFLO also operates hazardous waste collection events in other cities as well as for businesses that encourage their employees to care for their environment.

Source: ECOFLO

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