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Durst Develops Low Migration Inkjet Technology to Meet Edicolor Numérique's Requirements

Published on 2014-05-23. Author : SpecialChem

The digital and colorimetry specialist located near Rennes in France has expanded its self-adhesive labeling operations. It was primarily focussed on industrial companies operating in the agri-food and health/beauty sectors which are conscious of migration issues.

With a production capacity of almost 1000 sqm/h, the Durst inkjet will enable Edicolor Numérique to print short and medium CMYK and white print runs very quickly in order to meet the optimization requirements of supply chains. Due to its infinite variations of printing options, Edicolor Numérique is able to supply high performance traceability solutions.

Low migration inkjet technology developed by Durst and its partner SunJet (Sun Chemical), meets the requirements of the European agri-food industry and complies with European Printing Ink Association (Eupia) practices, Swiss Ordinance RS817.023.21 and with European Directives as well as with the Nestlé Packaging list.

The migration rate is < 10 ppb.

The finishing which covers laminating, edge cutting and selective UV varnishing entrusted to a LeoMat Digitakt product line from the German manufacturer Rotocontrol, which also includes 100% automatic control by HD camera.

Edicolor Numérique has very extensive pre-press resources and has large-format digital equipment (SwissQprint Nyala and Impala with Panchroma 7 color processing) and two sheet-feed presses (Kodak NexPress 3300/3600).

Manager, Louheñvel Oger is confident: "Digital printing has now reached a new phase with the arrival on the market of low migration inkjet technology. The health of consumers is the focus of the concerns of industrial companies and the distribution chain. At the same time the evolution of the market is driving increased levels of responsiveness and reductions in buffer stocks. The very high productivity level of our Durst Tau 330 makes us competitive across many different label print run volumes and together with the standard media available in the market, this provides us with unrivalled production flexibility."

About Durst Phototechnik AG

Durst Phototechnik AG is one of the manufacturers of photographic and printing equipment, based in Brixen, Italy. Established in 1936 by two brothers, Fred and Fred Durst, who were enthusiasts in the field of photography, encouraged by their mother, who was also a keen photographer and had her own darkroom. Durst produces a range of photochemical (Durst Lambda and Theta printers) and super wide format inkjet printers based on UV polymerization ink technology. The quality of the output of these products is exceptional, as was the case with the company's historical enlargers, for high quality image reproduction and high versatility of application, from paper and plastic materials to ceramics and wood.

Source: Durst Phototechnik AG

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