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DuPont Pipeline Solutions Combines with Chevron for Success

Published on 2006-11-13. Author : SpecialChem

DuPont Pipeline Solutions Combines with Chevron for Success

DuPont Pipeline Solutions, together with Chevron, successfully executed the use of DuPont™ Nap-Gard® Nap-Rock fusion bond expoxy-abrasion resistant overcoating (FBE-ARO) dual powder system for a Chevron pipeline. West Delta 109, the offshore oil export pipeline, is being built using the reeling construction technology. This technology involves the welding of 40 foot joints in a long, continuous pipeline wound to a reel on a barge, and transported to the offshore pipeline construction site.

This is the first time a FBE-ARO was successfully used for an offshore pipe using the reeling process with minimum coating damage. Other FBE-AROs in the market do not have the properties to meet the stringent requirements of the reeling process. This is especially important due to the vast offshore oil field recently discovered by Chevron, which may need several pipelines. DuPont™ Nap-Gard® Nap-Rock is uniquely qualified to meet these challenges.

Kuru Varughese, global engineering manager, DuPont Pipeline Solutions, worked closely with Jonny Wallace, pipeline engineer, Chevron during the coating qualification, selection, and reeling phases of this project.

Source: DuPont

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