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DuPont Paint Selected for ATMs in India

Published on 2005-12-27. Author : SpecialChem

DuPont India was recently recognized as the "exclusive and preferred supplier" by National Cash Register Corporation (NCR) USA for their automated teller machines in India.

Keiron Byrne (left), NCR Corporation, and Srinivasan, DuPont

DuPont Refinish Paints developed 41 colors for NCR, the number one automated teller machine manufacturer in the world. DuPont India also was awarded the "Certificate of Merit" for "Speedy Color Customization Process" at the NCR 2005 Supplier Conference.

DuPont Performance Coatings had previously supplied paints for ATM machines imported into India based on individual machine needs. Custom formulations were then provided by DuPont Refinish based on corporate identity standards (colors) of national and multi-national banks.

NCR then awarded DuPont Performance Coatings the "color customization" program to provide exacting service support to vendors who manufacture the steel and plastic parts for their ATM machines. The DuPont Refinish team of Srinivasan, Lalit Palav and Vikram Hande and jobbers from Bangalore and Pondicherry provided valued support to NCR operations.

Source: DuPont

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