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DuPont DeLisle Titanium Dioxide Plant Resumes Operations

Published on 2006-01-26. Author : SpecialChem

Mississippi Governor Haley Barbour and DuPont officials led employees, government officials and area residents in a celebration of the DuPont DeLisle titanium dioxide (TiO2) plant's recovery from a direct hit by Hurricane Katrina. The site resumed manufacturing operations less than five months after the storm disabled the plant. With 523 employees and more than a thousand contractor employees, DuPont DeLisle is a major supplier of TiO2 to the paper, coatings and plastics industries.

"Since my visit here shortly after Hurricane Katrina, it is clear that the DuPont team has made tremendous progress," Governor Barbour said. "In overcoming the adversity caused by the worst natural disaster to hit the United States, you took care of each other, helped provide for community and family needs, while at the same time going about the business of bringing this important operation back on line.

"Literally thousands of people have worked around the clock since August to make this achievement possible," said DeLisle Plant Manager Pat Nichols.

Despite the size and intensity of the storm, all DuPont DeLisle employees and their immediate families escaped without major injury. DuPont also created a temporary residential community at the plant site, providing trailers for a number of employees and their families. DuPont also made more than $1.5 million in contributions to hurricane-affected areas, earmarking large sums of this money for communities surrounding the DeLisle plant.

Prior to Hurricane Katrina, the DuPont site conducted a study that estimated the site's economic impact in Mississippi as $153 million per year. Virtually every electrical and electronic system at the plant had to be replaced or rebuilt. The total cost of repairs has not yet been determined.

"The work done at DeLisle since the hurricane represents a huge step toward resumption of normal production levels at that plant," said Rick Olson, vice president and general manager of DuPont Titanium Technologies. "All of our other TiO2 plants in the United States, Mexico and Taiwan are scheduled to capacity and performing well. We're literally working around the clock to restore DeLisle to that point, as well."

Source: DuPont

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