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Dunn-Edwards Launches "Simply Refocus", the Color & Trend Forecast for 2012

Published on 2011-10-20. Author : SpecialChem

LOS ANGELES -- With 2012 fast-approaching, Dunn-Edwards Corporation has launched its color and design trend forecast for 2012 called Simply Refocus.

"A re-emergence of color is what we are seeing across the board. People are not afraid of color anymore. It defines our surroundings and lifestyle in more ways today than ever before," states Sara McLean, Color Marketing Manager at Dunn-Edwards. "With opposing focuses from an appreciation of a return to pretty and maximalist attitudes opposing forces with those who appreciate refined and spare attitudes to design, these stories represent a personalization in attitudes towards color and design."

Four color and design stories are represented - Simply Sentimental, Simply Refined, Simply Revolutionary and Simply Essential. McLean says that each story will represent, for the most part, an attitude to color and design, which many of us can associate with. Each story provides inspiration, design prescriptions and a range of 12 colors from the Dunn-Edwards Perfect Palette color system. "The range of colors within each story provides the designer with ideas for walls, furnishing, and décor - a full palette to work from."

Simply Sentimental showcases a return to beautiful, layered design. With references to turn-of-the century color and design ideals, this is a story for those who appreciate pretty and saturated color along with many layers of design.

Simply Refined defines the latest trends in neutrals. With downtown loft references and spare attitudes to design, this story thread is for those appreciative of the clean, refined ideals in design.

Simply Revolutionary takes you on a journey into the world of science and technology with an eye towards those with unco nventional attitudes to design. Splashes of bold, vivid color play with unusual design elements to surprise and delight the senses.

Simply Essential taps into the art of craftsmanship and fights against the technology-driven age. With colors grounded in earthy, pigmented colors and rich in color, this story provides a rustic, yet timelessly modern aesthetic.

About Dunn-Edwards Corporation

Dunn-Edwards has produced and sold premium paint products for over 85 years throughout the Southwest. Operating in 109 stores in California, Arizona, Nevada, New Mexico and Texas, Dunn-Edwards is one of the U.S' largest independent manufacturers and distributors of architectural paints and paint supplies. Based in southern California, the company is composed of approximately 1,400 employees.

Source: Dunn-Edwards

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