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DSM's HiTone Polyester: from prototype to market introduction

Published on 2007-10-02. Author : SpecialChem

Zwolle, The Netherlands -- Nominated as one of the Top 50 projects by the DSM Innovation Center, the Market Platform Powder Coating Resins has celebrated its first success by receiving the first commercial sales order since the recent launch of the Hi Tone Polyester product line.

Driven by the ever increasing demand for powder coatings with improved aesthetical performance, HiTone Polyester is progressing in the market by offering a unique combination of very high pigment loading (up to 50% titanium dioxide) with exceptional good flow. The new product line offers the market a broader formulation and application window enabling applicators to apply thin film powder coatings with intense performance.

The new Market Platform Powder Coating Resins is part of the NBD/Innovation organization implemented by DSM Resins in 2006 and is in line with the DSM innovation strategy of Vision 2010 and the Resins Flag 2010. The new mission of the Flag 2010 for DSM Resins is "The successful global innovative Resins Company, leader in the winning markets and technologies", which is strictly focusing on the outside-in perspective. This external focus will give us the Market Driven Innovation management in all the different functions of the organization. This will fuel our growth initiatives with new ideas, the " Passion to Innovate" and entrepreneurial spirit to make this a success for all of us.

Source: DSM Resins

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