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Weekamp’s Recycled Exterior Doors Coated with DSM’s Plant-based Resin

Published on 2018-03-27. Author : SpecialChem

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DSM has announced that its Decovery® plant-based resin technology is used for the first time on Weekamp’s new 100% recycled exterior doors concept. This is a result of a collaboration between PPG Wood Finishes, Weekamp Deuren and DSM to further develop sustainable exterior doors by using recycled wood and plant-based coating.

Decovery® Plant-based Resin Technology

Plant based Resin
DSM ‘s Decovery is a new technology that replaces the
fossil-based binder components of a coating for a
large part with renewable materials
This first concept of the exterior door was presented at the Fensterbau 2018 convention, a leading trade fair for windows, doors and facades in Nuremberg, Germany.

With the presentation of Weekamp Deuren’s first exterior recycled door with a plant-based coating, a major step has been taken in the building & construction industry. Currently mainly waterborne paint is used to protect exterior doors. These waterborne paint products are a big improvement compared to previously used solvent-based coatings. However, the binders of these waterborne paints still contain fossil-based raw materials.

DSM‘s Decovery is a new technology that replaces the fossil-based binder components of a coating for a large part with renewable materials while maintaining the quality and performance.

Collaboration & Innovation for a Sustainable World

  • It is Weekamp Deuren’s goal to work with 100% green or sustainable wood. Weekamp was interested to find a coating solution that would support a more sustainable finishing
  • DSM believes that collaboration and innovation play a crucial role to create a sustainable world
  • Weekamp Deuren, PPG Wood Finishes and DSM joined forces to develop an acrylic plant-based coating to protect exterior recycled doors from external elements like sun, wind, rain in a sustainable way. 
  • PPG Wood Finishes effectively used Decovery to develop a brushable and sprayable plant-based paint for wooden exterior doors
  • PPG also uses Decovery in its air-cleaning, waterborne ultra-matte wall paints so they were aware of the characteristics of the resin

As sustainability and circularity are becoming more and more important, and the building & construction industry is continuously searching for the next step in sustainable development, this collaboration shows the value of connecting different parties in the value chain and creating awareness on the benefits of more sustainable paint and coating throughout the building & construction industry.

Source: DSM
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