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DSM NeoResins+ Introduces New Product Range Based on Energy Curing Technologies

Published on 2008-05-20. Author : SpecialChem

DSM NeoResins+ has introduced a new product range based on innovative energy curing technologies for the Adhesives & Graphic Arts industry. This range includes energy curing oligomers, waterbased energy curing polyurethane dispersions, solid acrylics and a host of other innovative chemistries which can be cured using ultra-violet or electron beam curing systems.

For the Graphic Arts market DSM NeoResins+ has introduced the following:

  • a range of specialty energy curing oligomers (polyester, urethane, epoxy acrylates) which can be used as cost effective alternatives to products in existing formulations. The oligomer range includes, amongst other products, NeoRad® P-60, NeoRad® U-70 and NeoRad® E-30. These energy curing oligomers are available in dilutions of various concentrations of reactive diluents or monomers.
  • a range of Waterbased Energy Curing polyurethane dispersions such as for example NeoRad® R-440, NeoRad® R-448 and Halwedrol® UV-20.
  • a range of Solid Acrylics that can be diluted in various energy curing monomers. These products are non-reactive materials that contribute to high flexibility and adhesion to difficult substrates. The acrylic range consists of NeoCryl® B-890, NeoCryl®l B-813 and NeoCryl® B-722.

About DSM NeoResins+:

DSM NeoResins+ is a leading, committed, global supplier of innovative specialty resins, specialized in the development and manufacturing of resins that is focused on fulfilling the needs of the coatings and graphic arts industries. DSM NeoResins' existing brand names Haloflex®, Halwedrol®, NeoCryl®, NeoRez®, NeoPac®, NeoRad®, Uracron®, Uradil® and Uralac® are well-known throughout the industries world-wide.

DSM NeoResins+ has 1,250 employees and operates seven manufacturing sites: in Frankfort and Wilmington (US), Shunde (China), Hoek van Holland and Waalwijk (Netherlands), Meppen (Germany) and Parets (Spain). Being focused on customer needs, it has five Application and Research & Technology Centers: in Wilmington (US), Shanghai and Shunde (China), Parets (Spain), Waalwijk and Zwolle (Netherlands), all supported by three Customer Service Centers: in Wilmington (US), Shunde (China) and Waalwijk (Netherlands). It also includes the recent acquired company DSM NeoSol based in Providence, US. DSM NeoResins+ is headquartered in Waalwijk (Netherlands).

Source: DSM NeoResins

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