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DSM Introduces a Price Increase on its Waterborne Acrylic, Waterborne Urethane/Acrylic, Acrylic Beads and Solvent borne polyurethanes resins in Europe, Middle-East and Africa

Published on 2008-10-09. Author : SpecialChem

DSM NeoResins+ will introduce a price increase of 8 €ct/kg on waterborne acrylic resins, 5 €ct/kg for the waterborne urethane/acrylics, 10 €ct/kg on acrylic beads and 8 €ct/kg on solvent borne polyurethanes for the coatings, adhesives and graphic arts markets in Europe, Middle East and Africa as a result of increasing costs of methacrylates, isocyanates and polyols. The price increase will be effective for all orders as of November 1, 2008. The surcharges that were introduced last summer to compensate for continuously increasing costs of freight, energy, packaging and raw materials will be incorporated in the price.

Dimitri de Vreeze, Business Unit Director DSM NeoResins+ says: " Despite falling oil prices, raw material costs continue to rise, especially methacrylates, isocyanates and polyols. This can be explained by a delay effect in the supply chain and by a deterioration of the supply/demand balance. Therefore a price increase for certain product lines is necessary. While we continue to increase productivity and efficiency, these price increases will allow our company to continue to supply our high quality products to the markets and to invest in new technologies and new products for our customers In addition, transportation cost, packaging and energy prices remain at a high level and are expected to increase even further into 2009 with no relief in sight, so the surcharge that we introduced earlier this year will be incorporated as a fixed part in our prices." DSM continues to implement cost saving initiatives to compensate rising cost as much as possible.If the current upward trend in feedstock prices continues, DSM will need to increase price again.

Source: DSM

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