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DSM-AGI & Eternal Chemical Partner to Produce AGISYN® Monomers & Oligomers for UV Resins

Published on 2012-04-11. Author : SpecialChem

DSM-AGI Corporation (Taiwan) and Eternal Chemical Corporation Ltd. (Taiwan) jointly announced a strategic cooperation for UV resins whereby Eternal Chemical Corporation will produce AGISYN® branded monomers and epoxy oligomers for DSM-AGI. The production will be managed by Eternal Specialty Chemical Corporation Ltd. (China), a joint venture of Eternal and BASF Group.

DSM Resins, headquartered in The Netherlands, obtained a majority share in DSM-AGI Corporation in July 2011. DSM Resins and Eternal have for many years enjoyed a successful joint venture for powder coating resins with production facilities in Taiwan and China.

Tzufei Shiao, President of Eternal Chemical Corporation said: "This cooperation re-confirms our trust in DSM as a long term business partner and is an important step up in our excellent longstanding relationship. Through this agreement Eternal will be able to operate its assets more efficiently."

Dimitri de Vreeze, President of DSM Resins said: "This agreement is a real milestone for our company. The cooperation with Eternal fits with all four growth drivers of our strategy "DSM in motion" and by this agreement we boost our presence in high growth economies with UV resins, an eco-friendly, sustainable and fast growing technology. In addition our customers in the coatings and graphic arts industry will benefit from this partnership since we will be able to provide a complete environmentally friendly technology port folio with a continued strong focus on innovation."

Bill Chung, Chairman of DSM-AGI Corporation said: "We are looking forward to work with Eternal. This cooperation will enable DSM-AGI to increase our production capabilities for UV resins. In addition, through this agreement we will be able to provide UV resins from multiple locations by which our business continuity will improve to the benefit of our customers."

About Eternal Chemical Corporation Ltd.

ETERNAL Chemical Co.,Ltd. is an International corporation that has focused on the technical development and customer service in field of resins, electronic chemical materials and specialty chemicals with headquarter in Kaohsiung, Taiwan. Nowadays, the Synthetic resins, Photoresist materials and UV materials are one of a leading supplier in the worldwide.

About DSM-AGI Corporation

DSM-AGI is focusing on the development, production and sales of UV resins worldwide. DSM-AGI is selling UV resins under the brands AGISYN® and NEORAD®. DSM-AGI is serving the coatings and graphic arts markets using the route to market channels of DSM Coating Resins, a business unit of DSM Resins. DSM Resins obtained a majority share in DSM-AGI Corporation in July 2011.

Source: DSM-AGI Corporation

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