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"Dream technicians" work with Glasurit paints

Published on 2006-08-14. Author : SpecialChem

Ready for take-off with Glasurit paints. When Lufthansa Technik in Hamburg customises private jets for VIPs, Glasurit paints are on board. The "Dream technicians" as the Lufthansa magazine recently entitled them, modify private jet planes for wealthy customers so that the plane meets the demands of the customer both inside and outside. In the design of the interior fittings the designer picks paints and colours from Glasurit. They decorate not only the cabin interior, but also satisfy the strictest air safety requirements. We visited the aeroplane customiser at their base at the Hamburg Fuhlsbüttel airport.

Once a smooth surface is achieved, the application of Glasurit 22 and 55 line primers fillers and colour, six to eight coats of clear lacquer are applied.

2 years work in 3-shifts is how these dreams come true

The Completion Centre is what the buildings and workshops close to the runways of Hamburg airport are called.Engineering graduate Jochen Bauch, is the manager of the Interior Workshop. The term dream world is exactly what he and his colleagues create, and it is almost an understatement. The undisputed strength of the Hamburg team lies in the highly individual jets, which roll out of their hangars. So far about 40 aeroplanes have been completely redesigned by Lufthansa Technik. Just recently, the newest luxury plane left the Hamburg hangar. An absolute dream aeroplane, which after two years (!) of intensive work, sometimes in 3-shifts in the paint shop, proudly left the ground. Here are just some of the details: composition and paint matched exactly to the rest of the interior equipment, including carpets, window trims (partly with mother-of-pearl effect) and sideboards. The storage facilities on the side walls are all "specials", as one might imagine. A small selection of the extras, which would never be considered by the average customer: different temperature zones in the various areas such as sleeping, dining, living and conference rooms, 50 inch plasma video screens at various points, a full "entertainment package" with perfect acoustics, space dividers in frosted glass, with heated towel rails, showers and bidets, a bar, built in your own style, artistic lighting and the list goes on...Even for the three-man cockpit crew there is a custom designed crew space. It's the same for the guests as there is a wonderful suite including a bathroom and bedroom in the upper deck of the plane.

Demanding the ultimate in quality and style

"We use only high-quality materials", says Mr Bauch. And there the Glasurit paints come into play – a game in which money does not play a great role, but quality and aesthetics play a decisive role. This philosophy applies right from the start, which includes a range of stringent fire tests. The various cladding materials and furniture are attacked with a Bunsen burner for 60 seconds. The resulting fire must then go out within 15 seconds. In addition, there are backgrounds, which place further unusual demands on the opacity and other properties of the paint. For example, there is furniture of so-called honeycomb with a coating, which have quite different properties from the usual substrates for paints. But here too Glasurit guarantees the best results. And the multitude of colours is guaranteed anyway: in the conversion of the latest luxury aeroplane to be delivered, 44 colour shades were employed in the interior, in the main these were subdued, matt colours like grey, beige and anthracite in every possible variety.

"We need good painters, polishers and only the very best paint"

After preparing to ensure a smooth surface, the application of primer filler and Glasurit 22 and 55 line colours, six to eight layers of clear lacquer are applied and the subsequent polishing must no be forgotten. "In order to achieve effects like the appearance of a calm sea (and not a rippled sea) we need good painters, polishers and only the best paint", says Mr Bauch. Glasurit also ensures that the colour coordination is correct. Using the submitted colour samples the colours are mixed and a spraying sample produced. A recent example: "We require a spraying sample of RAL 1013 pearl white, twice in matt, twice in silky matt and twice in high gloss", requested Lufthansa Technik. And Glasurit delivered...

Transformation into large format for the new A380

As well as the customising of further Boeing 747, 737, MD 11, Airbus A319 and A 320 as well as "Bombardier" type craft it continues in maximum format. The draft design for the new Airbus A380 advances into a new dimension. For the first time, an aircraft is the result of the designers and the equipment centre. Two complete decks for one aeroplane, hence the need for remodelling. The result would be 602 square metres of cabin space. No wonder that the new jet will be called also A380 VVIP: for very, very important persons. Oh, by the way, have a good flight!

Source: Glasurit

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