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DiscoveryCast and SpecialChem Announce Strategic Partnership Agreement

Published on 2010-10-15. Author : SpecialChem

SAN FRANCISCO, CA and PARIS -- DiscoveryCast, provider of a SaaS web-based ideation and visualization platform, announced a new partnership with SpecialChem, a leading Interactive Marketing and Open Innovation firm serving the global chemicals and materials sectors. This announcement comes just over a month after the two companies successfully collaborated during the three-day "Future of Bio-based Chemicals and Materials" online global ideation event. During this event, SpecialChem used the DiscoveryCast platform to efficiently collect input about key industry issues related to "bio" from hundreds of participants representing the global chemicals and materials industry and its downstream value chains.

While making the announcement, Cesar Castro, Founder and CEO of DiscoveryCast, said, "This event validated the DiscoveryCast methodology and demonstrated why we have selected SpecialChem as an exclusive channel partner for chemicals. SpecialChem leveraged their deep industry knowledge and their unique online community of engineers, the largest in the world for chemicals and materials, to both frame a relevant scenario and recruit over 800 industry leaders for this event. I am pleased to say this is only the beginning of the value and innovation the industry will realize because of our partnership with SpecialChem."

"This strategic partnership with DiscoveryCast is completely aligned with our corporate mission to help accelerate innovation and business development all along the chemicals and materials value chains," said Christophe Cabarry, SpecialChem's co-founder and CEO. "Our bio-based chemicals and materials event resulted in close to 1,800 ideas and exchanges on this very important topic. Many key technical and business questions were raised, many solutions were discussed, and several new applications and technologies have been uncovered, resulting in a number of business partnership opportunities between participants. The SpecialChem ideationLAB, built on DiscoveryCast's technology platform, has proven to be an extremely powerful tool for crowdsourcing and open innovation beyond the traditional boundaries of chemical and material companies. We are also offering the SpecialChem ideationLAB to our clients for private confidential events with their own employees, or to run collaborative ideation events with their customers. This process breaks down the internal silos within company walls or between organizations to capture new ideas and opinions from the 'collective brain' of selected teams."

Facts from the global event

  • Over 800 registered participants
  • More than 400 companies from more than 40 countries participated
  • 38% from North America, 36% from Western Europe, and 26% from rest of the world
  • Close to 1800 ideas generated
  • A report containing event analysis will be issued by SpecialChem in late-2010

About DiscoveryCast:

Launched in 2009, DiscoveryCast is an online / real-time brainstorming platform that drives breakthrough ideas through a creative, collaborative and anonymous event. Based on years of experience in R&D, open innovation and social networking, the DiscoveryCast approach also includes visualization and analytical capabilities, thereby allowing for key trend analysis and efficient data mining. The DiscoveryCast process can be effectively deployed in a variety of business functions including innovation, market development, market research, product development, human resources, and forecasting. Clients from around the globe are using this approach to tap into internal and external knowledge networks.

About SpecialChem:

SpecialChem accelerates Innovation and Business Development in chemicals and materials. Founded in April 2000, we implement Interactive Marketing & Open Innovation processes in the chemicals and materials value chains to increase innovation speed and success of new products launches.

Our team of industry experts manages the world's largest online industry network gathering hundreds of thousands of scientists, formulators, engineers, marketers and designers globally. These networks are provided with broad access to innovations, market trends and technical knowledge as well as business connections to people beyond their usual networks. These global networks are in turn an invaluable asset to perform high-value services for chemicals and materials suppliers. SpecialChem clients include leading chemical companies such as Dow Corning, Bayer MaterialScience, Dow, DuPont, BASF, Honeywell, DSM, Arkema, Lanxess, Evonik, and many others.

Source: DiscoveryCast

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