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Diamon-Fusion in Agreement with Kelowna Motors to Strengthen its Automotive Market Position in Canada

Published on 2010-12-28. Author : SpecialChem

IRVINE, Calif. -- Diamon-Fusion International, Inc. one of the global developers and exclusive licensor of patented hydrophobic nanotechnologies, has signed an exclusive license with Kelowna Motors, a well-established and highly reputable British Columbia-based MAZDA dealer, according to Guillermo Seta, Corporate Vice President and Executive Director. Through the license agreement, Kelowna Motors will gain access to the Diamon Fusion International automotive windshield protection product Line for the after-sale market, to aid in increasing revenue and margins for British Columbia's leading and long-standing auto dealership, established in 1945.

Through an effective hand-applied process, the award-winning Diamon-Fusion® nanocoating provides a more brilliant, clearer and stronger windshield resulting in impact resistance, increased visibility and safer driving conditions. The Diamon-Fusion® treated surface repels water, ice and snow, improving rain vision. It also makes the windshield easier to clean, allowing insects and residue to be easily washed away. In addition, Diamon-Fusion® reduces the coefficient of friction and increases the possible weight load of glass by up to ten times, making it much more durable and resistant to normal chips, cracks and scratches, according to tests conducted by the Alfred University Institute for Glass Science and Engineering. Unlike other coatings on the market, Diamon-Fusion® is UV stable and it won't blister or peels like other coatings.

"DFI presents the best windshield protection product on the market," commented Brian August, Dealer Principal of Kelowna Motors. "We can stand firm in offering our customers a valuable add on that will make driving conditions safer, through better clarity, visibility and faster reaction times. By offering the coating we also provide our valuable customers an option to aid in reducing windshield damage, alleviating expensive repair work, chips and cracks resulting from small road debris. Putting customer safety first through superior service is our number one priority at Kelowna Motors and we are pleased to offer products to aid in this area."

"We are pleased to have a partnership with a highly reputable company as Kelowna Motors, committed to providing the best possible service to its customers, representing our windshield treatment for automobiles," shared Seta. "This exclusive license agreement covers the entire province of British Columbia for the auto dealer market; a market poised for growth and an ideal fit for the Diamon-Fusion® coating treatment application. We look forward to raising awareness in this region to the benefits of windshield protective treatments and the unique product Diamon -Fusion® offers drivers world-wide."

About Diamon Fusion® International (DFI)

For over a decade, Diamon Fusion® International (DFI Nanotechnology), a California-based and privately-held US company, along with its research team have produced and distributed variety of products designed for the restoration, protection and maintenance of silica-based surfaces, such as glass, granite, tile, porcelain and quartz. The breadth of DFI's product offering ranges from award-winning and patented, professional quality products only available through authorized distributors (licensees) to easy-to-use highly-effective, do-it-yourself products for consumers. Through consistently introducing innovative products and educating the industry on the benefits of surface coating technologies for glass and glass-like surfaces, DFI has become a worldwide leader in coating products and services. DFI has representation and distribution centers in North and South America, Europe, Asia, South Africa, Australia, and New Zealand.

Source: Diamon Fusion

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