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Degussa to Introduce improved C4 Technology

Published on 2006-04-11. Author : SpecialChem

DARMSTADT -- Degussa AG, Business Unit Methacrylates, has obtained a C4 technology license from a Japanese Chemical company. The new technology will be introduced in production at the proposed Methacrylates site in China. Since the beginning of the year, Degussa has been operating a multi-user site at the Shanghai Chemical Industry Park, which would also serve - subject to governmental approval - as the location of the Methacyrylates plant. The license will enable Degussa to increase its technology base needed for MMA and downstream production.

Degussa intends to combine the licensed know-how with its comprehensive knowledge in catalytic oxidation processes and the optimization of continuous operation plants on a world scale. The estimated output of MMA will be in the range of approximately 100,000 metric tons per year.

"Our aim is to continue to strengthen our leading position by increasing our knowledge in C4 technology and taking it a step further for the production of high-quality MMA", explains Gregor Hetzke, President of the Business Unit Methacrylates. "This will allow us to produce MMA to fulfill our requirements, as well as to accommodate our downstream units for specialties in the Methacrylates ‘Verbund’ Structure". Hetzke explains further, that this structure covers the essential steps in the production process, beginning with raw materials through various intermediate products, up to end products. Through this approach, Degussa will establish a highly cost efficient production process for the whole range of specialty monomers and polymers, which play a major role in its marketing and sales strategy for Asia.

MMA "Verbund" Integrated Production Complex in China

The proposed new site will enable Degussa to meet the increasing demand for methacrylates specialties and downstream products in Asia, from a local base. The plan is to construct the site as a fully integrated production complex, similar to its plants in Western Europe and North America. The MMA integrated production network links different production plants along the Methacrylates "Verbund" Structure, allowing for the resourceful use and recycling of intermediates, energy and exhaust gases.

Global Expansion of Production

The globalization of production is viewed as an important step within the business unit’s global strategy. In today's methacrylate chemistry market, it is imperative to serve customers on both a global and local level with a competent sales and technical force. Additionally, there is an increasing importance of local supply availability, with good logistics, in order to accommodate customers who are investing in China and other regions of Asia. The international network of integrated production facilities allows the Methacrylates business unit to develop tailored solutions in line with the local needs of its customers and guarantee a consistent high quality standard of its products, world wide.

From world-renowned acrylic sheet products, to individually customized monomers and polymers, Degussa's Methacrylates Business Unit serves a variety of markets such as the coatings, adhesives and plastics industries, as well as the automotive, optoelectronics and cosmetics sector.

Degussa is the global market leader in specialty chemicals. Our business is creating essentials–innovative products and system solutions that make indispensable contributions to our customers' success. In fiscal 2005 around 44.000 employees worldwide generated sales of 11.8 billion euros and operating profits (EBIT) of 940 million euros.

Source: Röhm GmbH & Co. KG

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