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Degussa Increases Capacity for AEROSIL® Special Oxides

Published on 2004-04-13. Author : SpecialChem


The Aerosil & Silanes Business Unit of Degussa AG, Düsseldorf, has completed the expansion of its production capacities for AEROSIL® special oxides in Rheinfelden, Germany. This investment is Degussa's response to the rising demand for fumed special oxides, which are used in coatings, paints, adhesives, and sealants, to control rheology and to improve mechanical properties.

"This well-timed plant expansion gives our customers the highest degree of supply reliability in this growing market segment," says Dr. Ulrich Küsthardt, head of the Aerosil & Silanes Business Unit. Versatility of our products is the major reason for the coatings industry's increased interest in hydrophobic AEROSIL® special oxides. Chemical treatment of these special oxides allows their surface and chemical properties to be selectively modified for individual applications. The scratch-resistance of UV-cured coatings systems, for example, can be improved significantly with functionalized AEROSIL® R 7200.

"The added capacity for treatment of fumed special oxides gives us more flexibility to respond to the special requests of our customers and work with them to develop individual solutions," explained Bernd Hofmann, Product Manager for these AEROSIL® specialties. "We have combined the required expertise into one Coatings Resource Center, which not only handles AEROSIL® products, but develops complete application and handling solutions for our customers. The expansion of the Rheinfelden plant is an important component of this service package, because it provides additional technical resources for treatment."

Degussa is the worldwide leading manufacturer of fumed silica and other metal oxides, sold by the Aerosil & Silanes Business Unit under the trade name AEROSIL®. A fine, white powder produced through a combustion process, AEROSIL® is extremely versatile. It selectively influences the rheology of paints and coatings. As an antisettling agent, it prevents the settling of ingredients. It also reinforces silicone rubber, acts as an insulator in high-temperature applications, and is used as a polishing agent for microprocessors in the semiconductor industry. AEROSIL® is also used in pharmaceuticals and in the manufacture of cosmetics and other personal care consumer products. Degussa produces AEROSIL® in Rheinfelden; Leverkusen, Germany; Antwerp, Belgium; Rousillon, France; Mobile, Alabama (USA); Waterford, New York (USA); and Yokkaichi, Japan.

Degussa is a multinational corporation consistently aligned to highly profitable specialty chemistry. In fiscal 2003, its 47,000 employees generated sales of €11.4 billion and operating profits (EBIT) of €878 million, making it Germany's third-largest chemical company and the global market leader in specialty chemicals. Innovative products and system solutions enable Degussa to play a valuable and indispensable role in the success of its customers, as summed up by our claim "creating essentials".

Source: Degussa AG

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