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Deflocculation and Stabilization of Aluminum Pigments in Aqueous Systems and in Solvent-Borne Coil Coatings

Published on 2009-10-15. Author : SpecialChem

The specific structure of DISPERBYK®-2059 provides two effects - aluminum passivation and deflocculation & stabilization - and makes it applicable in different systems: in water-borne coatings and in solvent-borne coil coatings. In water-borne coatings DISPERBYK®-2059 is an excellent aluminum passivator for economical inhouse treatment. Additionally, it provides superb deflocculation and stabilization of aluminum pigments.

In solvent-borne Coil Coating systems DISPERBYK®-2059 deflocculates and stabilizes aluminum pigments and provides

  • a light appearance of the metallic coating from various angles
  • stable color before and after storage and
  • good processability on the coil coating line.

DISPERBYK®-2059 is recommended for the deflocculation and stabilization of aluminum pigments in aqueous systems and in solvent-borne coil coatings. In aqueous formulations it is additionally used for the passivation of the aluminum pigments.

Source: ALTANA

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