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Defence Operation VOC Emissions Dramatically Reduced with Water-Based Coatings

Published on 2009-08-25. Author : SpecialChem

UK defense equipment maintenance site DSG Bovington has seen a dramatic reduction in VOC emissions since switching to high solids, water-based paints in 2007.

DSG (Defence Support Group) Bovington is one of a number of sites around the UK responsible for the expert maintenance, repair and upgrading of equipment for the UK's armed forces. Cutting VOC (Volatile Organic Compound) emissions is one of the establishment's targets and progress is reviewed quarterly and annually as part of a five year strategic plan, with DEFRA (Department for the Environment, Food and Rural Affairs) providing guidance.

In the financial year 2006/7 Bovington, which handles track and wheeled vehicles, had a turnover of ?7.3m but while this grew to £45.2m during the year 2008/9, VOC emission dropped dramatically by more than 60%.

"I was surprised and extremely pleased with the consistency of the results," commented Phil Wellstead, DSG Bovington's Business Unit Compliance Manager, whose role includes environmental, health and safety and quality management. "We have since seen the same results mirrored at Warminster, another location in our business unit, where we saw a 69% reduction in VOC emissions last month alone."

Switching to water-based from traditional solvent-based products initially caused some concern among Bovington's operators. "Water-based products have been around for some time, but not in this form," Phil added. "The high solids formula not only gave improved coverage, we found it was even slightly easier to use. It doesn't only help the environment, it helps the people too - health and safety issues are vastly reduced."

Bovington has adopted a complete water-based solution, including primer, topcoat and degreaser, a system that has a combined VOC emission of less than 100g/litre. Bovington began looking at water based technologies as part of its ISO 14001 commitment to continuous business improvement. A number of coatings brands were looked at before the organization selected AkzoNobel's Intergard® to meet the operation's needs. Now 92% of the paints at Bovington are AkzoNobel's waterbased products.

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Source: AkzoNobel

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