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Cytec Participates at the 40th Annual Waterborne, High-Solids, and Powder Coatings Symposium

Published on 2013-02-08. Author : SpecialChem

WOODLAND PARK, NJ -- Cytec Industries Inc. (NYSE: CYT) Dr. Azhar Awan presents a paper "Experimental Eco-friendly Sustainable Surfactants for Preparing Acrylic and Vinyl Acrylic Latexes for Architectural Coatings at 40th Annual Waterborne, High-Solids, and Powder Coatings Symposium" in New Orleans, Louisiana (February 4-8, 2013).

Dr. Awan's presentation reviews Cytec's approach for addressing the unmet market need for surfactants based on naturally derived and renewable raw materials that are more sustainable and safe. These experimental surfactants were analyzed for CMC, VOC, solids, surface tension, foam, F/T stability and color and screened for their functionality as primary emulsifiers in acrylics and vinyl acrylics emulsion polymer seed synthesis.

Cytec Specialty Additives offers a diverse range of high-quality products to help customers derive efficient and cost-effective solutions for their challenges. The diverse product range includes industrial surfactants, specialty surfactants, specialty monomers, plasticizers and stabilizers.

About Cytec

Cytec's vision is to deliver material technologies and specialty chemicals beyond its customers' imagination. The company's focus on innovation, advanced technology and application expertise enables it to develop, manufacture and sell products that change the way its customers do business. The company's pioneering products perform specific and important functions for its customers, enabling them to offer innovative solutions to the industries that they serve. Cytec's products serve a diverse range of end markets including aerospace composites, structural adhesives, automotive and industrial coatings, electronics, inks, mining and plastics.

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