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Croda to Present its B-Tough C2, Toughening Agent for Epoxy Coatings, at EC Marine Coatings Conf

Published on 2012-02-03. Author : SpecialChem

At the EC Marine coatings conference on 29th February, Croda will present the paper "Novel toughening agent for improved impact resistance of epoxy coatings".

In the market there is a trend to switch from solid to liquid epoxy systems, as these allow for low VOC formulations. A negative is that a coating loses flexibility by choosing for liquid epoxies, but on the other hand improved hardness will be achieved. It has always been a challenge for epoxy formulators to combine flexibility and hardness without impacting other required properties. Now this is possible.

Croda's novel technology is based on reaction induced phase separation, caused by a newly designed reactive toughening agent, B-Tough C2. The toughening agent brings performance properties such as excellent impact resistance, even at lower temperatures, improved flexibility whilst maintaining hardness, low viscosity (allowing for ease of handling and formulation) and the material is non-migratory due to epoxy functionality.

About Croda Coatings & Polymers

Croda Coatings & Polymers provides environmentally friendly solutions to resin manufacturers, paint formulators and additive producers. They offer a wide range of high performance bio-based building blocks and speciality surfactants based on carefully selected raw materials. Croda is an innovative partner offering its customers the highest level of technical service, applications know-how and a variety of technology platforms. They continuously develop new and exciting green concepts to add value to innovations.

Source: Croda

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