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Creation of Arkema - A new Global Chemical Player

Published on 2004-10-08. Author : SpecialChem

Arkema was established legally on October 1st 2004 as part of the reorganization of Total's Chemicals Branch.

With Thierry Le Henaff as its CEO, Arkema includes three coherent and well-balanced business segments: Vinyl Products, Industrial Chemicals, and Performance Products.

The new structure has sales of 5 billion euros and a workforce of 19,300 employees, and enjoys a global presence through its 90 industrial facilities and 6 research centers across Europe, North America and Asia. It also boasts a solid industrial foundation with a large number of processes developed in-house, boosted by innovative R&D focused on customer service and application development.

Comprising 14 business units, appropriate corporate structures and well-established geographic affiliates, Arkema can claim a portfolio of world-renowned activities and brandnames, most of which rank among market leaders.

Largely autonomous and backed by a solid financial structure, Arkema can look forward to the longterm future as an independent company standing out as an innovative and exemplary player in safety and sustainable development.

Arkema has the necessary assets to boost its competitiveness through targeted growth in Europe and the United States, a greater presence in Asia, and its firm ambition to play a leading role in the consolidation of the Chemical Industry.

Arkema: ARK evokes an arch, an architectural feature which links up and supports, KEM refers explicitly to our vocation as a chemicals producer, and the overall symmetry of the name symbolises balance.

Source: Arkema Group

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