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Covestro’s Waterborne PU Coating Used in One of a Kind Furniture

Published on 2017-05-17. Author : SpecialChem

Furniture designer Thomas Schnur has created a one of a kind piece, named “The Factory of Ideas” for this year’s interzum trade fair, using a range of innovative and sustainable materials to showcase Covestro’s product portfolio – much of which is used throughout the furniture industry.

The Factory of Ideas

One of a kind furniture
The designer Thomas Schnur has created a
one of a kind piece, named “The Factory of Ideas”

Based on a cloud structure, which transforms into a seat, Schnur, aged 33, said he designed “The Factory of Ideas” as he was intrigued by the potential of Covestro’s materials, having spent time researching and experimenting alongside the company’s Leverkusen application teams.

Various Products in one Piece of Furniture

Each element of Schnur’s design incorporates a Covestro material. The wooden surface utilizes a waterborne polyurethane coating made from Bayhydrol® and Bayhydur® raw materials, which provides a high level of protection and appealing appearance with low solvent content.

The seat’s fabric covers are made from INSQIN®, another waterborne polyurethane technology invented by Covestro, used to bring functionality to a range of coated, finished or printed textile materials. Color, design, durability, breathability, waterproofness and pleasant hand feel are just some of these functionalities.

For Thomas Schnur “a piece of furniture is a form of communication, a means to create connections between people.” His work is inclusive and authentic, with pieces that come together to form a whole.

“The Factory of Ideas” provides visitors with a vision of things to come and challenges conventional thinking through new perspectives.

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Source: Covestro
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