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Covestro’s Bio- & Bio-circular Attributed MDI & TDI Receive ISCC PLUS Certification

Published on 2022-11-29. Edited By : SpecialChem

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Covestro Bio Bio circular Attributed MDI TDI ISCC PLUS Certification Covestro reaches another important step towards its path to circularity, with the ISCC PLUS certification in Brazil for the sales of bio- and bio-circular attributed diphenylmethane diisocyanate (MDI) and toluylene diisocyanate (TDI). With this important milestone the company is expanding its sustainable efforts in one of the biggest and most important markets in Latin America.

Commitment Towards Circularity

Such achievement serves as a clear proof point of the company´s commitment towards circularity, leading the transition within the different segments served by Covestro not only in Brazil, but also in important countries such as Chile, Uruguay, Colombia, Argentina and Costa Rica, among others.

"This is an extremely important step for us as it makes the transformation towards the circular economy tangible, supporting our customers in achieving their sustainability goals and accelerating the substitution of fossil raw materials", said Andreas Stumpf, managing director of Covestro Brazil.

ISCC PLUS certification contributes to more sustainable production processes and markets, increasingly encouraging the participation of supply chain entities.

At a local level, the certification can make fairer work relationships, more efficient processes and promote the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions and the use of fossil resources, while expanding the possibilities for the international market, mainly the European one.

"The Brazilian certification project of Covestro shows that it is possible to contribute to more sustainable production even in complex production chains with materials of different origins and destinations. It is another important step in promoting genuinely sustainable production chains", stated Felipe Bottini, founding partner at Green Domus, ISCC recognized certification body in Brazil.

Contribution to Sustainability Goals

ISCC PLUS certification enables Covestro to supply attributed MDI and TDI, attributable to bio-based as well as bio-circular raw materials, to a variety of industries, for example for composites, flexible foams for mattresses and rigid foams for refrigerators, thus expanding Covestro's supply of more sustainable raw materials, which has a direct impact on reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

"For us, it is of utmost importance to be at the side of our customers and enhance their awareness about climate neutrality. Now, with such products, we can effectively contribute to their sustainability goals and reduction in carbon footprint", said André Borba, marketing and sales manager for the Performance Materials segment in the Latin America region.

In order to reflect this commitment, and to make it even clearer how these products support its circular vision as well as the customers´ path towards sustainability, Covestro created a distinctive branding for products driving circularity.

Products carrying the CQ suffix are produced using partially alternative raw materials today such as feedstocks from waste, biomass or renewable energy. These material solutions can be implemented via segregated or mass-balanced chains of custody.

Increased Use of Renewable Resources

By activating multiple circular production pathways, we enable clients to increase their use of renewable resources and lower their overall environmental impact.

The range of solutions carrying CQ will constantly grow. The first products available are the climate neutral products Desmodur® CQ 44V70L MS and Desmodur® CQ 44V20L MS from Covestro, as well its Desmodur® CQ 44V70L MB, Desmodur® CQ 44V20L MB and Desmodur® CQ T80 with a significantly improved carbon footprint.

The abbreviation ‘CQ’ stands for circular intelligence. Together, C and Q underline how essential thought-leading, innovative solutions can drive circularity forward.

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