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Cortec®'s CorrVerter® Coating Helps Restore Famous Zagreb Cathedral

Published on 2013-07-08. Author : SpecialChem

The famous Zagreb Cathedral is the tallest and one of the most beautiful buildings in Croatia that attracts thousands of tourists worldwide. As the most impressive gothic-style sacral building southeast of the Alps, it is characterized by great architectural and historical value. Its construction dates back to 1093 and enriching of the cathedral continued by famous architects during the following centuries. Recently Cortec® provided a solution for it restoration.

Since low-quality stone was used in the past due to economic reasons, it soon started to deteriorate, affected by weather and city pollution (smog and chemical factors). Even though during the communist's era in Croatia, the reconstruction was not allowed, some reparations were made thanks to donations from Croatian Diaspora.

The final reconstruction started in 1990 and has been going on ever since, by phases and priorities. Zagreb Archbishopric's Committee for Reconstruction of the Cathedral was founded as well as a task force of selected experts.

The company is very proud that the Committee has selected Cortec® for reconstruction of its famous towers due to recommendation of the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering and Naval Architecture in Zagreb. This is another confirmation of premium quality of Cortec® products and services.

During reconstruction work on the south tower, damaged steel bands were detected surrounding the tower approximately every 3m in height. The bands were covered with rust and in drainage areas, visual damage to the diameter of the bands were present.

Economical approach with a minimum of intrusion to the structure was required to fix the condition of the bands. The mechanical resistance and structural stability of the tower needed to be maintained or improved. Faculty of Mechanical Engineering examined the bands and performed experiments on the steel bars. They recommended removal of loose corrosion from the bands surfaces, enhancing the bands in the areas of damage and application of Cortec®'s anti-corrosion protection product- CorrVerter®.

CorrVerter® is a water-based primer that quickly converts rust into a protective layer and is capable of penetrating into the depths of corroded surfaces. It contains a novel chemical chelating agent that modifies surface rust into a hydrophobic passive layer. Two-layers of CorrVerter® coating were brushed onto smaller surfaces and sprayed in larger areas directly onto the metal bands. The bands were then reinforced with steel fishplates that were welded on the bands and also protected with CorrVerter®.

With the help of a skilled team and good project management the entire project was completed successfully with minimal cost or intrusion as specified. CorrVerter® coating penetrated to the non- corroded part of the metal and stopped further advancement of the corrosion process.

About Cortec® Corporation

Cortec® Corporation is one of the global leaders in innovative, environmentally responsible VpCI® and MCI® corrosion control technologies for Packaging, Metalworking, Construction, Electronics, Water Treatment, Oil & Gas, and other industries. Their relentless dedication to sustainability, quality, service, and support is unmatched in the industry. Headquartered in St. Paul, Minnesota, Cortec® manufactures over 400 products distributed worldwide. ISO 9001, ISO 14001:2004, & ISO 17025 Certified.

Source: Cortec®

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