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Cortec to Present Paper on Bio-based Anti-corrosion Coatings at EuroCorr 2017

Published on 2017-07-12. Author : SpecialChem

Cortec® has announced that it will present a research paper on biobased anti-corrosion coatings at EuroCorr 2017.

Cortec® has created solutions that successfully replace hazardous chemicals.

Cortec’s Breakthrough Formulation

  • BioCorr® rust preventive is a waterbased, biobased solution, intended for preservation of metals in storage and during transportation
  • Unlike rust preventative oils this product leaves a dry film on the surface of the metal that is virtually undetectable. 
  • It helps to create a clean workplace and prevents material waste
  • BioCorr® is biodegradable; eliminating expensive disposal costs associated with oils

Cortec to Present Paper on Bio-based Anti-corrosion Coatings at EuroCorr 2017

Environmentally Safe Alternatives

These bio-based environmentally safe alternatives are functionally superior to conventional petroleum derived products and also provide a far more economical solution. In addition to offering end-users excellent environmental profile, superior corrosion protection, BioCorr® is typically 40 percent less expensive than the traditional petroleum derived RP's.

Comprehensive study on Cortec’s BioCorr® rust preventative was conducted in collaboration with Laboratory for Materials Protection at University of Zagreb. The paper covers economic and environmental impact of traditional rust preventatives versus bio-based product.

The study includes comparative experimental investigation of biobased and petroleum based rust preventives in humidity chamber, with the corrosion protection efficiency being determined using various polarization techniques.

This research paper clearly demonstrates that bio-based products may inhibit corrosion as well as their traditional oil-and solvent based counterparts, without any of the negative environmental considerations.

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Source: Cortec
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