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Consultant Quality Now Placed on Record Through BASF Coatings Training Program

Published on 2008-04-01. Author : SpecialChem

Münster -- Shrinking markets, fierce competition, and intense pressure on prices lead to increasing demands being placed on bodyshops. That is why BASF Coatings is training more and more qualified consultants. At the moment there are 58 candidates of various nationalities undergoing training to qualify as Process Experts, Consultants, and Senior Consultants.

Joachim Bitzer is a very successful consultant

During a two-year period of training the consultants become experts in implementing services and acquire knowledge of business administration and rhetoric. After certification they are able to help customers operate more profitably. BASF Coatings is responding to the market demand for qualified consultants, which results from increasing market concentration. "Many automotive insurance companies are exposing our customers to pressure on prices. Nevertheless, they have to remain not only competitive but also fit to survive", says instructor Richard Kamermans, commenting on the situation. He explains that the trend is away from technicians and toward consultants, and that it is already being observed in the Netherlands.

Certified consultants can offer bodyshops not only basic solutions but also customized ones. The aim is to assist customers with all the questions they may have. Solutions can range from a technical audit to business administration services, like support offered for preparing balance sheets and loss analyses. That is why the practical examination is comprised of an A-to-Z operational analysis in which a customer/consultant situation is simulated and evaluated by a psychologist.

"A certified consultant can be compared with a physician. For a problem he can not only make a diagnosis and say what is wrong, he also helps to identify a solution: Does the patient require a drug, or therapy that helps him step by step - or would it be better to call in a specialist?", says Jürgen Book, head of Customer Service Automotive Refinish at BASF Coatings, explaining the job profile.

Training is to be decentralized in the long term. "Among our examinees you will find all nationalities, since they know the language and culture of their home markets better. The examination will remain in the hands of BASF Coatings though because that is the only way we can make sure our consultants are well-trained - and that is an integral part of our quality assurance", Book explains.

Source: BASF

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