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Company Empils released a white spirit "Rise"

Published on 2010-06-08. Author : SpecialChem

ZAO Empils "continued the product line fluids under the brand" heyday. Until recently, under the brand issued only alkyd paints and varnishes. New to the company's product was the white spirit "heyday." Previously, under the brand went on sale solvent 646 - the first auxiliary product for the repair of the line TM "heyday.

White spirit is a high-boiling fraction of gasoline obtained as the product of direct distillation of oil. It is used for thinning alkyd paints, as well as for degreasing surfaces during painting operations or gluing.

White Spirit "heyday" corresponds to GOST 3134-78, and the manufacturer guarantees the stability of its quality. White spirit is sold in a sealed container made of durable plastic (0,4 kg). Its design eliminates leakage and evaporation of the product, and a colorful label draws the attention of buyers. Branded packaging also reduces the likelihood of counterfeiting and brand emphasizes the origin of white spirit.

Source: Empils

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