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Color Selection of BASF Coatings Designer Eva Höfli

Published on 2009-03-27. Author : SpecialChem

GENEVA / MÜNSTER -- The teams of BASF and its coatings subsidiary BASF Coatings worked hand in hand with Swiss company Protoscar SA - and caused quite a stir. Lightning struck at the 79th International Motor Show in Geneva - but only figuratively, of course: LAMPO - "lightning" in English - is the name of the environmentally friendly electric sports car prototype that was one of the greatest attractions at the famous automobile trade show in Geneva.

Range: 200 kilometers, horsepower: 268 (200 kilowatts), power source: two Li-ion battery pack with a total capacity of 32 kilowatt hours. This is the impressive data of the roadster, which also convinced many skeptics: modern electric vehicles can be high-powered and fun to drive without emitting CO2. LAMPO is a four wheels drive car with two transaxle electric motors (one for each axle) optimized for the energy recuperation while braking and downhill driving.

The color selection for the electrical convertible was created by color designer Eva Höfli of BASF Coatings. The selection not only ideally matches the form of the car, but the colors also combine LAMPO with aspects of nature. A fascinating light silver with a bluish-green effect and a glossy finish evoke a light yet cool impression. As a contrast, the add-on parts were coated in a brown hue with a bronze effect and a matt clearcoat. These warm elements harmonize splendidly with the somewhat cold finish of the car body.

Protoscar and BASF is a partnership with two commonalities: energy savings and environmental protection. The car manufacturer from Ticino has been manufacturing environmentally friendly solar and electric cars for more than 20 years. At BASF, the search for new processes and products that contribute to climate protection play an important role. The company thus makes numerous contributions for climate-friendly cars. The use of modern plastics instead of metal reduces the weight of vehicles. In this way, fuel can be saved and CO2 emissions can be reduced.

By the way, LAMPO has its next great appearance in two months - at EVS (Electric Vehicle Symposium) in Stavanger (Norway) where it will participate to a rally for electric vehicles between Oslo and Stavanger.

Source: BASF

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