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Clariant Exhibited its High-quality Pigments for the Indian Paints & Coatings Sector at PaintIndia

Published on 2012-03-05. Author : SpecialChem

MUMBAI, India -- Product-safety, cost-efficiency and innovative performance were the cutting-edge features linking Clariant's high quality pigments and pigment preparations presented to India's paint and coatings sector at PaintIndia 2012.

The specialty chemicals expert introduced manufacturers in the region to new opportunities to achieve creative, high-performance colorants that meet market demands for improved product safety and more efficient, sustainable production. Clariant's pigment preparations are low VOC and APEO-free, complying with the sector trend towards more environmentally-compatible formulations.

As a partner for sustainable solutions, Clariant highlighted the following developments for paint and coatings producers at PaintIndia Booth C-4.

Lead-free Paint Formulations

  • Opaque pigments for lead chrome-free paints: Clariant offers the most comprehensive range of opaque organic pigments which can be easily identified by the number "70" in their product name. They are based on Clariant's established method for optimizing the opacity of organic pigments. By adjusting the particle size to the maximum light scattering effect, optimum opacity is achieved without sacrificing saturation and brilliance. The "70" series pigments are easy to disperse, support increased pigment load and offer improved weather fastness.

    The "70" series organic pigments can be used - also in combination with inorganic pigments - to substitute Lead-based pigments, which are being replaced increasingly due to their potential hazards to the environment.

Efficient Product Range for All Needs

  • Clariant's Easily Dispersible (ED) Pigments: organic pigments that have been surface treated with an additive. This additive leads to the "ED effect", meaning that ED pigments can be easily incorporated into the paint system with a dissolver and without an additional milling step. This unique performance is not achievable with standard pigments, offering efficiency as well as savings in processing time and energy costs.

Clariant offers three ranges of ED pigments:

  • EDS pigments for solvent based industrial paints
  • EDU pigments for solvent and water-based industrial paints
  • EDW pigments for water based decorative paints
  • Easy-to-use tinting pastes for new generation of decorative paints: achieving a desired color range that offers flexibility without compromising compatibility in paint systems has always been a headache for color designers. Clariant's easy-to-use pigment preparations offer comprehensive ranges with multiple color choices to help surmount this challenge. They include the Colanyl® 500 Range and the Hostatint® 500 Range in decorative applications. Produced according to strict specifications, these ranges deliver reliable quality, while complying with relevant ecological standards. Their suitability for automatic dosing machines makes them especially valuable for systematic color design.

Reliable Partner for Tinting Solutions

  • POS Integrated Tinting System: with the acquisition of Italtinto, an Italian company with more than 40 years of experience in dispensing and colorant technology, Clariant offers new Integrated POS Tinting Systems and Colorant Dispensing and Mixing Equipment. A full integration between dispensing and colorant technology provides a comprehensive solution for any color need. The new Hostatint TS 600 lines set new standards in colorant technology. Low VOC and exterior colorant performance features allow customers to align themselves to the newest color trends in facade paint while observing environmental regulations.

"Customers in India attach great importance to both environmental and safety-related benefits in their paint formulations, while keeping a clear focus on the need for quality and their own cost-efficiency," Mr. Ravi Vaidya, Head-SOM, India Region-Pigments, Clariant Chemicals (India) Limited.

Adds Mr. Tej Dialani, Head-Sales, India Region, Coatings & Tinting Systems, Clariant Chemicals (India) Limited, "Clariant is therefore pleased to support the region's paint and coatings sector by introducing our global innovations focused on meeting the key challenges of this emerging market."

About Clariant

Clariant is an internationally active specialty chemical company, based in Muttenz near Basel. The group owns over 100 companies worldwide and employed 22 149 employees on December 31, 2011. In the financial year 2011, Clariant produced a turnover of CHF 7.4 billion. Clariant is divided into eleven business units: Additives; Catalysis & Energy; Emulsions, Detergents & Intermediates; Functional Materials; Industrial & Consumer Specialties; Leather Services; Masterbatches; Oil & Mining Services; Paper Specialties; Pigments; Textile Chemicals.

Clariant focuses on creating value by investing in future profitable and sustainable growth, which is based on four strategic pillars: Improving profitability, innovation as well as research and development, dynamic growth in emerging markets, and optimizing the portfolio through complementary acquisitions or divestments.

Source: Clariant

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