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Clariant enhances technology platform for functional coatings and composites

Published on 2006-04-04. Author : SpecialChem

MUTTENZ, Switzerland -- Clariant has (as announced in the Annual Report 2005) acquired KiON Corporation, a U.S. firm located in Huntingdon Valley, Pennsylvania. KiON, by reason of its patented manufacturing process, is the world's only supplier of cost competitive polysilazane resins and composites thereof. This acquisition is a major milestone in Clariant's strategy of bringing to market innovative technology for the coatings and ceramics industries. To secure Clariant's polysilazane increased production requirements, and to expand its capacity, Clariant has acquired Chemtreat Composites India, Pvt., Ltd.

Polysilazanes are silicon-containing polymers that can be used to produce coatings on a wide variety of substrates. These coatings, being only a few micrometers thick, have excellent adhesive properties, making them ideal for various protective functions. Clariant, utilizing this new technology, has recently introduced tutoProm®, which protects plastic- and painted surfaces against graffiti.

Polysilazanes are also precursors to silicon carbide and silicon nitride ceramics. In addition to ceramic coatings, these preceramic polymers are used to produce both ceramic fibers and the matrices for three-dimensional ceramic matrix composites (CMCs). Such ceramic composites, which are lightweight and combine high strength and toughness with exceptional high temperature durability, are suitable for applications in which other materials do not perform. Some applications, for instance, include components used in aircraft, turbine engines, microelectronics, and in highly corrosive environments.

This technology fits in well with Clariant's extensive expertise in the field of inorganic polysilazanes for functional coatings and rounds-off the portfolio established by the cooperative agreement between Clariant and Starfire Systems (see press release of September 21, 2005). The portfolio now encompasses a broad spectrum of organic and inorganic polysilazane and polycarbosilanes for both functional coatings and ceramic precursors, and is part of Clariant's new technology platform.

Hubert Liebe, head of new business development at Clariant, stated: "Clariant and its partners can now offer their customers access to advanced materials technology with competitive edge in the market."

Murray Glantz, former president of KiON Corporation, commented: "This is a major step forward for polysilazane technology and its availability in the marketplace."

KiON company profile

KiON Corporation, a world leader in silazane polymer technology, specializes in the development and manufacturing of polysilazane, polyureasilazane, and polysiloxazane intermediates for the coatings, composites, adhesives, electronics, ceramics, and defense industries.

Located in Huntingdon Valley, Pennsylvania (a northern suburb of Philadelphia), the Company and its predecessors have been involved in polysilazane development and manufacture since 1983. Using novel, patented chemical processes which enable simple, bulk manufacture of a variety of silazanes at high purity levels, KiON Corporation has been able to offer high performance polymeric silazanes at affordable prices. This breakthrough has now allowed for the widespread use of polysilazanes in the world of industry.

Current customers represent a variety of international companies, spanning the aerospace, automotive, metals, construction, electronics, coatings, and composites industries.

Source: Clariant

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