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Celanese Test PVAc Paper Coating Binders for Brightness & Opacity to Counter Rising TiO2 Prices

Published on 2011-09-22. Author : SpecialChem

DALLAS, TX -- Paper brightness and whiteness can be influenced by the type of binder used in its coating formulations, according to a whitepaper released by Celanese. The information is significant to papermakers seeking new approaches for the cost-efficient manufacture of high brightness, high opacity paper without relying solely on titanium dioxide.

According to Phil Confalone, Technical Manager for the Americas, titanium dioxide will always be an important part of paper coatings formulated to impart brightness and opacity, but as its costs rise, new strategies are necessary. "One way to achieve both of these goals is to boost what is known as the void volume within the dried coating layer," Confalone said. "Hard binders such as polyvinyl acetate (PVAc) will not deform as easily as soft binders such as SBR upon calendering, thus maintaining the higher void volume necessary for maximum brightness and opacity."

Research Findings

Application scientists at Celanese conducted tests on lightweight coated paper with PVAc and SBR binders, separately and in combination with each other. The PVAc containing samples performed better in the areas of TAPPI brightness, opacity, whiteness (CIE) and yellowness (Hunter b), allowing chemists the possibility of reducing their level of TiO2 in the coatings formula. "With TiO2 becoming more expensive, paper coatings formulators are looking at PVAc as a way to curb costs and satisfy optical performance," said Confalone.

Reformulation of Paper Coatings

Celanese application chemists offer formulators of paper coatings technical assistance to optimize optical performance by using hard polymers such as PVAc latex. Specialists at Celanese Emulsion Polymers provide coating expertise on paper products ranging from lightweight coated paper to coated paperboards.

About the Emulsion Polymers Business of Celanese

The Emulsion Polymers business of Celanese is among the global leaders in developing products and application technology to improve performance, create value and drive innovation in a broad range of industrial and consumer end-use applications including adhesives, coatings, engineered fabrics, glass fibers, paper, textiles and more. The business has manufacturing facilities worldwide and is supported by expert technical service regionally.

About Celanese

Celanese Corporation is among the global technology leaders in the production of specialty materials and chemical products which are used in most major industries and consumer applications. Their products, essential to everyday living, are manufactured in North America, Europe and Asia. Known for operational excellence, sustainability and premier safety performance, Celanese delivers value to customers around the globe with best-in-class technologies. Based in Dallas, Texas, the company employs approximately 7,250 employees worldwide and had 2010 net sales of $5.9 billion, with approximately 72% generated outside of North America.

Source: Celanese Corporation

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