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Celanese Emulsion Polymers Focuses on Environmentally-Friendly Solutions at Interlakokraska '09

Published on 2009-03-13. Author : SpecialChem

MOSCOW, Russia, -- Celanese Emulsion Polymers exhibited its broad range of technologies at Interlakokraska 2009, the leading paints and adhesives exhibition for Russia. Under the business' slogan, "Your Future is Our Focus...Worldwide", the team from Celanese' discussed solutions to many of the industry's hottest topics with Russian customers during the 4 day trade fair. Celanese presented emulsions for environmentally-friendly interior paints as well as those for fire retardancy, wood and metal protection, thermal insulation (EIFS).

Interior and exterior architectural coatings formulated with Celanese emulsions were demonstrated on a model dacha at the Celanese Emulsions' stand. "A dacha is a summer cottage owned by Russian families and evokes images of relaxing summer days", said Michael Sauer, Regional Sales Director for Central & Eastern Europe. "Our goal was to visually connect our ecologically-friendly waterborne emulsions to this positive lifestyle image," he said. The dacha was finished with exterior wood coatings for the siding, window frame and roof tiles as well as interior coatings for the walls and trim; all formulated with Mowilith® emulsions.

Concern for the Environment a Growing Trend in Russia

According to the TNS Global Shades of Green survey, 44% of Russian citizens are more concerned for the environment than they were just 5 years ago; this group also cites air pollution as the environmental problem with which they are most concerned. In order to meet this growing environmentally-conscious trend, Celanese offers Mowilith LDM 1871 for matt and Mowilith LDM 1852 for satin to semi-gloss interior decorative, low emission paints. Mowilith LDM 1871, a vinyl acetate/ethylene (VAE) emulsion, has been the industry leader in Europe for low VOC interior paints for a number of years and features ease of application, good opacity and superior wet scrub resistance. Mowilith LDM 1852 continues the low VOC trend for higher gloss satin paints and offers improved block resistance. According to the TNS study, 77% of Russian respondents said that they would be willing to pay more for environmentally friendly products. "A growing portion of the Russian coatings market is ready to make the switch to solvent-free, low odor interior paints and Celanese is equipped with the technology, the products and the expertise to assist them in the switch and help their products succeed in the marketplace," said Sauer.

Emulsions for adhesives

Celanese also highlighted their emulsions for paper packaging and converting adhesives, from vinyl homopolymers and copolymers to VAE resins. Mowilith LDM 1081 is a versatile, VAE emulsion for a variety of end uses including paper, board, bags, boxes, envelopes and even difficult to bond substrates such as film, foil and UV board. For woodworking, Celanese offers a wide range of emulsions for D1 through D4 and Watt 91 rated adhesives. Mowilith LDL 2555W offers excellent water resistance for D3, D4 (with the addition of di-isocyanate) and Watt 91 adhesives while offering good creep resistance.

Member of the sales, marketing and technical teams were on hand to discuss everything from emulsion for coating and adhesive formulations to application troubleshooting and end-use trends. "Celanese Emulsions is committed to growth in the Russian region and supporting the paint and adhesives industries here," said Sauer. "We look forward to partnering with local manufacturers to formulate low emission paints and high quality adhesives in the region", he said.

About Celanese:

As a global leader in the chemicals industry, Celanese Corporation makes products essential to everyday living. Our products, found in consumer and industrial applications, are manufactured in North America, Europe and Asia. Net sales totaled $6.8 billion in 2008, with approximately 65% generated outside of North America. Known for operational excellence and execution of its business strategies, Celanese delivers value to customers around the globe with innovations and best-in-class technologies. Based in Dallas, Texas, the company employs approximately 8,000 employees worldwide.

About the Emulsion Polymers Business of Celanese:

The Emulsion Polymers business of Celanese is a global leader in developing products and application technology to improve performance, create value and drive innovation in a broad range of industrial and consumer end-use applications including adhesives, coatings, engineered fabrics, glass fibers, paper, textiles and more. The business has manufacturing facilities worldwide and is supported by expert technical service regionally.

Source: Celanese

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